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10 Reasons You Really Need to Start Watching The Super Queer CW Right Now!

10 Reasons You Really Need to Start Watching The Super Queer Lady CW

10 Reasons You Really Need to Start Watching The Super Queer Lady CW

Super awesome ladies are taking over the CW and we're in love with every moment of it.


The CW got a whole lot more awesome last week after the latest episode of its intense, post-apocalyptic show The 100 featured a kiss between main character Clarke and another female character. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg took to Twitter to explain that yes, Clarke is bisexual (we wrote about it in depth here), and the world/us rejoiced. Rothenberg chatting publicly about how sexuality isn't binary is definitely important in itself, and it got us thinking about all the other wonderful things The CW is doing that might be flying under your radar. Sure, the network's had some misses in its past, but here are ten reasons The CW is the best it's ever been, and you need to start tuning in right now. 


1) The 100's Clarke and Lexa: We love our LGBT main characters. We cherish our LGBT main characters. And in a really cool way, we are thrilled when our LGBT characters are able to exist in a prejudice free world where their sexuality isn't reason to so much as bat an eye (because, as Jason Rothenberg explains, they're much more worried about getting impaled with large sticks). Bisexual representation on TV is important and Clarke is a really awesome warrior leader who we've been swooning over since the pilot episode. Pair her with former enemy-turned-reluctant ally Commander Lexa and The 100 has our full attention. (Note, this video has a small amount of spoilers but it also has Clarke and Lexa kissing so...).

2) Jane the Virgin changes the game: Jane the Virgin is solid viewing for a ton of reasons, and only one of them is that the show gave the entire network its first Golden Globe nominations since The CW was established in 2006. Awesomely, lead actress Gina Rodriguez also won Best Performance in a TV Series - Comedy or Musical, and thankfully so, because it turns out she's a really wonderful role model who wants to make sure that the stories of Latinos are out in the world in a positive, important light. If you want to completely fall in love with Gina, read this. She's great, and now she's award-winningly great too! Oh, and we haven't even gotten to Louisa and Rose's lesbian subplot yet. We'll just let this video do the explaining instead. Trust us, you'll want to watch it. 

3) The badass ladies of Reign: Who runs the world (slash France and Scotland)? The leading ladies of Reign! This is a show that miraculously features a heavily female leading cast, filled with characters who are interesting, unique, and totally in charge. Sure, teenage girls will make their annoying mistakes and a love triangle is far more front and center than preferred, but for the most part we're completely in love with Adelaide Kane as the fearless, Scotland-loving queen of a lot of different places. Mary's passionate but in control and is definitely much better at ruling Europe than pretty much any 16-year-old you know. But this show's not only about really young girls in really lovely but period-inappropriate dresses. The spotlight also falls on Megan Follows as the fierce and fearless Catherine de' Medici, who is vicious, kinda evil, and totally engaging. And we've barely talked about the female supporting cast yet! Oh, but we will...(warning: this video has minor spoilers but it also has Mary being badass so...)

4) Because now we know who Caitlin Stasey is: If you're Australian, you probably already knew who Caitlin Stasey is, and if you're not you best be thanking your lucky stars you're now learning about Caitlin Stasey. Caitlin, who plays Mary's close friend Lady Kenna on Reign, is very open about her queer identity, started an entire website celebrating natural female beauty (seriously, go to right now), and also has the fiercest Twitter around, where she constantly champions for feminism. To get to know Caitlin Stasey more than you ever thought you'd get to know Caitlin Stasey, read her personal "herself" interview here and prepare to fall madly in love. Also, if you're not following her on Twitter, change that right now and make your internet life a better one. Caitlin Stasey is just generally great, okay?

5) Arrow's queer ladies and female superhero extravaganzas are rocking our world: If there's anything we love, it's a superlady romance. Yes, the one featured on Arrow between Sara Lance and Nyssa al Guhl was somewhat shortlived, but we loved it while it was there and it's had a major impact on the show's future. Oliver Queen may be in the spotlight here, but there's always been a number of superladies stepping up to the plate and our hearts that only gets bigger each season. There's also Felicity Smoak, who's a super cute and smart computer scientist who's saved a lot of lives herself. In conclusion, you'd have to watch the show to know exactly what is going on in this clip, but this clip is enough to make you want to watch the show, so you're welcome.

6) It's nearly all on Netflix: Great news! Anything you read about on this list that's completed its first season (cut Netflix some slack here) is on Netflix right now. Arrow, Reign, and The 100 all have their concluded seasons up and running, making it easier than ever to successfully binge your free time away! Additionally, Jane the Virgin and The Flash have several episodes up on Hulu too, so the internet is totally on our side here. You too are just a few clicks away from this being the next several weeks of your life:


7) iZombie is coming and it might be totally awesome: We love Veronica Mars. We love zombies. So naturally, we're optimistic that nothing can truly go wrong when these things collide in iZombie, a new comic book-based show by Veronica Mars' creator Rob Thomas about a zombie who solves crimes by eating victims' brains and absorbing their memories. Weird? Yes. Awesome? It better be. We're totally ready to dig into this and psyched to have another funky female detective rocking our TV screens. iZombie premieres on March 17th, so get excited! 

8) The Flash is a really great spin-off: "Spin-offs don't work a lot of the time!" you may assert. Oh, well, wait until you see The Flash, which has a sense of zippy fun and superhero slickness that often makes it a lot more entertaining than its big brother Arrow. Yes, it's led by a man (although, hey, Grant Gustin is utterly precious), but there are plenty of cool female supporting leads who are incredibly intelligent and integral to all the science-y superhero stuff! Iris West and Caitlin Snow, we raise our glasses to you (and also to Felicity Smoak when she crosses over, because she's great on every show she wanders into). 

9) Literally everyone on the network is insanely attractive: They just are. Literally every single person on the CW is just flat out attractive. Yes, it's really wonderful when the story lines and messages are compelling too, but at least we always have that. 


*Disclaimer: Of course I know what this show is; it's The Originals, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. And you thought I didn't know my CW for a second there. 

10) If a show is successful it might last forever: At this point, we're pretty sure the world could end and Supernatural would still be running. Supernatural has literally been going strong for 10 years thanks to a powerful fan base and while we're not exactly into that show due to its apparent inability to maintain a female lead, we have faith that this theory may work for other shows as well. Clarke + Lexa forever, anyone? Queen Mary's every waking moment? Jane the Virgin gunning for 50,000 Golden Globes over the years? Sign us up. 

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