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10 New Clones We'd Love To See on Orphan Black

10 New Clones We'd Love To See on Orphan Black

10 New Clones We'd Love To See on Orphan Black

Because there can never be too many Tatianas.


Orphan Black returns for its much-anticipated third season this Saturday, and our expectations are sky high. For the past two seasons, Tatiana Maslany has proven that there's really nothing she can't do. And while this upcoming season may start introducing male clones, we still can't wait to see what other new clones Tatiana is going to bring to the table. And because the possibilities are pretty much endless, we've decided to explore some of our wildest Clone Club dreams. This list could probably go on forever, but we'll keep it to ten for now. Feel free to add your own in the comments below! 

1. World-Famous Pop Star Clone:  Tatiana Spears. Tatiana Grande. Tatiana Swift. Sure, the clones are dangerously in demand enough for all the wrong reasons and should probably stay out of the spotlight, but every clone should follow her dreams. Maybe this one's the next American Idol!


2. Cowgirl Clone: Imagine, if you will, our beloved clones are in peril. They've been cornered by a dangerous foe with no hope of escape, and then suddenly out bursts a cowgirl hat/boots-wearing, lasso-twirling clone on a noble steed. She saves the day, and everyone rides off into the sunset to safety. And just wait until you hear her swoon-worthy southern accent, ya'll. 


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3. Dinosaur Enthusiast/Archaeologist Clone: Sure, Cosima's a scientist who studies DNA, but why not take it to the next level with a clone who studies the DNA of dinosaurs! Who knows how far back this thing started anyway? Who's to say it wasn't the beginning of time? And with Jurassic Worldcoming out, it's a perfect crossover, just saying. 


4. Disney Princess Clone: Okay, so if she can't be, like, a real Disney Princess then she totally works at Disney as a Disney Princess. We're thinking maybe Elsa from Frozen. What better way to hide from those trying to kidnap the clones then by masquerading as royalty in Disney Word?



5. Cat Lady Clone: Life's hard for a clone. Why even bother leaving the house? Just grab a bunch of kittens, hunker down, and let the other clones deal with all this Project Leda nonsense for you. Extra points for Netflix binging. 


6. Olympic Ice Skater Clone: Come for the graceful, glamorous ice skating and stay for the moment we all know is gonna happen when this clone has to slice someone's head off with her skate. It's gonna be totally gross and totally awesome. 



7. Cartoon Character Clone: Why stop with live-action? Why can't there be a random animated clone running around? And you know what, Tatiana's so talented we bet she could make this legitimately work. Emmys all around. 


8. Slam Poet Clone: But not a particularly good slam poet, mind you. Just a mediocre slam poet who everyone knows should maybe seek a different calling, but they all feel too awkward about that to tell her. One day they will. They must. 



9. "ABBA" Fangirl Clone: You know what makes any terrifying situation a little less terrifying? Blasting "Mamma Mia" at full volume and dancing your heart out! At least, we're assuming that works. Everyone will just love having this clone around to lighten the mood. That's until she gets shut out of the group for refusing to turn down "Waterloo."


10. Dragon Animorph Clone: We'll accept any kind of animorph clone, but a dragon animorph clone would be like, really cool. Just try and fight us on that. You can't 


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