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Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields Reacts to Everyday Situations

Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields Reacts to Everyday Situations

Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields Reacts to Everyday Situations

Pretty Little Liars' summer season may be coming to a close, but Emily Fields is forever.

It's been a pretty dramatic summer season for the Pretty Little Liars. There have been secret lairs, new romances, insanity at prom and close to a billion fan predictions on who Charles/A will actually turn out to be. But in a season filled with uncertainty, we've always had one thing to count on; Emily Fields will react to whatever is going on with utmost intensity. Sure, many of the dire situations she's gotten into on Pretty Little Liars have warranted some dramatic responses, but we're pretty sure Emily carries that attitude into her daily life as well. So now we present "Emily Fields Reacting to Every Day Situations" in true Emily Fields form. Because if it's not an over-reaction, did she really react at all?

1. Emily receives a text from a friend canceling on plans that were supposed to be happening within the hour!


2. The Nicky Nichols story on Orange Is the New Black was too much for Emily to handle. 


3. Emily accidentally swiped left on a really hot girl on Tinder.


4. Emily nearly forgot the importance of checking your horoscope before getting ready for the day.


5. It begins snowing again after Emily thought the weather was starting to get nice!


6. Consoling your sad friend is important, but so is getting the door when the pizza delivery guy has arrived. 


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7. Emily struggles with the unfortunate truth when a friend asks her opinion on a deeply unflattering prom dress.


8. After forgetting to DVR Project Runway, Emily remembers she can record the rerun that will come on right after. 


9. Emily discovers she never got an email confirmation on her Seamless order, then realizes she never even finished the transaction!


10. Emily has been very diligent about watching her figure and will absolutely NOT be buying any Girl Scout cookies from you this year!


11. Emily was supposed to cram during lunch for a seventh-period math test but realizes she left her notes at home!



12. Emily discovers Taylor Swift removed all of her music from Spotify. 


13. You can stop and buy a soda at the concession stand, but Emily will NOT be missing the previews in front of Insurgent.


14. Someone asked Emily if she wants to go to Chiptole after swim practice. OF COURSE Emily wants to go to Chipotle after swim practice!!!!


15. Emily spots someone wearing white, like, right after Labor Day.


16. Emily is suddenly uncertain whether or not she turned her hot tools hair curler off that morning.


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