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10 Times P!nk and Ellen DeGeneres Were the Most Adorable Besties Ever

10 Times P!nk and Ellen DeGeneres Were the Most Adorable Besties Ever

10 Times P!nk and Ellen DeGeneres Were the Most Adorable Besties Ever

P!nk and Ellen have quite the precious history together.


As you may know - or do as of this moment - Ellen DeGeneres commissioned P!nk to record the new theme song for the 13th season of her show. P!nk's rendition is rad, upbeat, and a wonderful reminder of just how much joy Ellen brings to countless lives. But, of course, a collaboration like this doesn't come out of nowhere. P!nk and Ellen have been jamming out for quite a while now, and together they've created some of Ellen's finest moments. We've compiled them here for you, because of course you want to watch these two be adorable and totally awesome together. 

10. Clearly, the time they were so close P!nk recorded Ellen's new theme song. That's real friendship right there.


9. When they tried to 'start a fight' during Ellen's bathroom concert performance of "So What," but mostly they just laughed through the entire thing. And so did we.



8. When P!nk confirmed her pregnancy on Ellen's show, because who else would you want to publically celebrate wonderful news with? Bonus: Ellen gave her the cutest gifts ever. Seriously.


7. When Ellen and this guy who is clearly having the time of his life gave P!nk quite a scare.



6. When P!nk and her adorable daughter surprised Ellen with the cutest "Happy Birthday" in history.


5. When a pregnant P!nk surprised Ellen on her birthday, and it was a joy for us all.


4. When Ellen took extra care to make sure the world knew P!nk stayed totally PG on her program.


3. And now that we know P!nk did not swear, let's all enjoy the time Ellen surprised her with the women's Olympic gymnast team from 2012. Because best friends make the best surprises.



2. When P!nk and Ellen made sweet music together.


1. When the oldness of this video demonstrated that they've been friends through several years and several hairstyles. P!nk + Ellen = friends for life.


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