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Your Guide to 21 Shows with Queer Female Characters On TV this Fall

Preston Max Allen

It's fall now, which means not only are our favorite TV shows coming back, but we're also getting a swath of new shows to look forward to. We already told which 11 premieres we declared 'Lesbian Approved,' but you may have noticed there just aren't a whole lot of, well, actual prominent queer characters in the shows. Trust us, we know. In our disappointment, we scouted out every queer female character you can catch on TV in this upcoming season and have listed them all here for you. Disclaimer: we did our best, forgive us if we're missing a few and please list them in the comments. Additionally these are only fictional characters that will be appearing in shows that air in 2015. We'll get back to you in 2016 with a fresh new list of possibilities. Now let's meet the characters we have to look forward to this year.


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(Note: shoutout to GLAAD and AfterEllen for source material!)


1. Nora (Teressa Laine) and Mary Louise (Scarlette Byrne) on The Vampire Diaries (The CW)


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After six seasons, TVD is finally getting a lesbian couple. Or rather, a vampire lesbian couple who's been together since the 1900s and are still navigating how to deal with an increasingly more accepting world. They're both playing antagonists this season (which means they'll probably die), but we'd happily accept a spinoff TV show about just them too. Just by the way. 


2. Denise (Lena Waithe) on Masters of None (Netflix)

Masters of None is a new Netflix show co-created by and starring Aziz Ansari. Fun fact: the role is tailored around Lena after her spot-on audition made her a must-cast. 



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