Ellen and Other Celebs Just Boycotted Bermuda—Here’s Why You Should Too

Ellen and Other Celebs Just Boycotted Bermuda—Here’s Why You Should Too
Brendan Haley

It's been less than a year since Bermuda's Supreme Court legalized marriage equality in May 2017, but now, new measures have been passed within the last month that places a ban on same-sex marriage once again.

The new measures will go into effect at the end of May, leaving many same-sex couples scrambling to wed. The self-governing British territory has now became the first to reverse its stance on marriage equality, inciting vast disappointment and outrage.

Ellen DeGeneres, who was planning a vacation to the island territory, has since canceled her plans in an effort to boycott the unfair and unjust governing, stating on Twitter, "I guess I’m canceling my trip. Anybody else?"

Standing with Ellen are celebrities like Tegan and Sara, and Patricia Arquette, all of whom are hoping to channel some form of change in favor of equality.

GLAAD has made calls on countless tourism businesses to join in on the boycott.

"These brands and their business leaders should demonstrate true leadership and stand for those customers they’ve courted by helping to combat this harmful decision," said GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis in a statement

Now it's up to you to pitch in and help speak out against this unjust reversal of inclusive law. What can you do to help? Contact GLAAD for more information, or help by donating to the CrowdJustice campaign, which has raised 25,000 Pounds (about $35,000) of a 50,000-Pound goal (about $70,000) to finance a reclaim of marriage equality in Bermuda.

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