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Coming Out After a Career in the Closet: Courageous or Convenient?

The recent buzz about Meredith Baxter's coming out has gotten me thinking. Actors, comedians, musicians, and artists have more and more often been coming out publicly over the past decade or so since Ellen Degeneres' famous declaration "Yep, I'm Gay" on the cover of TIME Magazine in 1997. Rosie O'Donnell, Wanda Sykes and Kelly McGillis have followed suit, but aren't we better off when someone like Rachel Maddow, or Leisha Hailey is gay out of the gate?

SheWired's Fave Lesbian or Lesbian-ish Web Series

When you're sick of TV reruns, turn to the best web series! Here are this summer's best web series to watch. These series boast some of the hottest ladies the lesbians love including Nicole Pacent, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Maeve Quinlan, Chelsea Handler, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Rosario Dawson, Lisa Kudrow, and more!

'Hell's Kitchen's' Heather West is on Fire!

Heather West of Hell’s Kitchen, the first lesbian to win a reality show, talks to about being on reality television, losing the first woman she ever fell in love with at first sight, Chef Gordon Ramsay's supposed anti-lesbian rant and what she thinks about L.A. lesbians now that she’s been living  in the City of Angels for a while.

Women Who Rule the (Gay) World: Randy Malmud

Suze Orman isn’t the only money-minded lesbian out there. You probably haven’t heard of her yet, but Randy Malmud is working every day to figure out ways to make the “gay dollar” strong. Malmud joined the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and within weeks she became the Chair of their Membership Committee, then one year later was voted in as President of the organization.

Hot for Docs: Scrubbing In

While scrubs are admittedly not the hottest fetish attire, a few actresses have worn theirs with sass and sexiness. SheWired salutes 'Hot Docs' including Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez, Audra McDonald, Sarah Chalke, Olivia Wilde, Maura Tierney and more...

School Days: Hot for Teacher in Film and Television

There’s nothing like a woman who knows how to command a room. Well, make that a classroom. Maybe it’s the sexy, smart-girl appeal. Maybe it’s the power that comes with wielding a red pen. Or maybe it’s the way they wear those just-to-the-knee skirts and then cross their legs at their desks. SheWired salutes teachers on the big and small screens inlcluding Jennifer Beals, Cate Blanchett, Jennie Garth, Hillary Swank, Michelle Pfeiffer, Salma Hayek, Suzanne Pleshette and more...

SheWired Chats with 'Anyone But Me' Star Rachael Hip Flores

Hopefully you caught last week’s interview on SheWired with Anyone But Me actress Nicole Pacent. This week we caught up with her on-screen love, Rachael Hip Flores, who gave us the scoop on kissing girls on camera and why she would play an elf in a 'hot second.'

'Anyone But Me' Star Nicole Pacent Talks to SheWired!

Star of the break-out Web series 'Anyone But Me,' Nicole Pacent talks to SheWired about being a real-life 'lady-loving lady,' and being out and her on-screen kissing scenes with costar Rachael Hip-Flores. Plus, the celeb she'd like to kiss on screen next. Pink anyone?

'Loving Annabelle' Star Erin Kelly Interview With SheWired

Women everywhere fell in love with Erin Kelly when she starred in Katherine Brooks’ lesbian student-teacher scandal film Loving Annabelle in 2006. Shewired's Shannon Connolly got the chance to sit down with Erin this week and get to know the girl behind that role – a young actor, writer and producer who loves her lesbian fans so much that she even ventured out to the desert for Dinah Shore Weekend this year to meet them.

Sugar Rush Episode 5 Recap

And we’re back – it’s the fifth episode of British teen lesbian soap opera Sugar Rush and our young heroine Kim is finding herself in the middle of some very sticky situations.Olivia Hallinan and Lenora Crichlow star in the hot British import airing on here!

Sugar Rush: Episode 4 Recap

Welcome back to SheWired's Sugar Rush recaps. The breakout BBC show, about burgeoning lesbian love, currently airs on here!  This week, and starring Lenora Crichlow and Olivia Hallinan.

Sugar Rush: Episode 3 Recap

Welcome back to SheWired's Sugar Rush recaps. The breakout BBC show, about burgeoning lesbian love, currently airs on here!  This week, Lenora Crichlow's Sugar gets her knickers off in public, Olivia Hallinan's Kim has pills, booze and shagging her BFF on her mind!

SheWired's Top 10 Women of the 2009 Oscars Wrap-Up

Awards' season is officially over, culminating with last week's Academy Awards ceremony during which Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz nabbed top prizes. Here is the definitive list of our Top 10 Women of the 2009 Academy Awards based on your votes.  Anne Hathaway, Freida Pinto, Cate Blanchett, Maris Tomei, Taraji P. Henson, Angelina Jolie are just a few of the superb thespians who also don't mind playing lesbian.

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Shawnee Harkins Launches Online Fitness Program

SheWired's Celebrity Trainer Shawnee Harkins is starting her very own online training program. With Shawnee's workouts at your fingertips and on your computer screen, there are no excuses to not get your butt in gear and get in shape in 2009. As a SheWired reader, you can register for Shawnee's online program to receive two full weeks FREE of online personal training.

'Sugar Rush' Recaps Episode 2

The hit BBC show Sugar Rush airs on here! every other Friday and on here! on Demand, and we have the recaps. Meet Kim and Sugar, the hottest on-again / off-again lesbian teen couple across the pond and since those raspy voiced girls Ashley and Spencer. This week's episode is full of sex, lies and betrayal.  Talk about juicy!

'Sugar Rush' Recaps Episode 1

The hit BBC show Sugar Rush airs on here! every other Sunday and we have the recaps. Meet Kim and Sugar, the hottest on-again / off-again lesbian teen couple across the pond and since those raspy voiced girls Ashley and Spencer. Here's episode one recapped and it's complete with girl-on-girl pillow fighting and school girl uniforms.

Top 10 Lesbian News and Television Stories for 2008

It's been quite a year for lesbians in the media! Here's a countdown to the toplesbian stories in the news for 2008 including Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, Wanda Sykes, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Maddow and more...

Home for the Holidays: Coming Out Over Cranberry Sauce

Lights are on trees, long lines are in stores, and past L Word seasons are wrapped and ready to distribute among your friends. That’s right, the holidays are here. And so is your family. The most traditionally family-oriented holiday of them all, Thanksgiving, is just days away.

French Lessons: A Trip Through Paris' Gay Scene

While all of Los Angeles and many other cities in California and across the country are singularly focused at the moment on the injustice of the passage of Proposition 8 I thought perhaps this would be a good opportunity to take a break from the protests, rest our weary minds and hearts, and take a look at what the gay and lesbian community is like in another part of the world -- Paris, France.

The Institution of Marriage and What It Means to Protect our Children

Writer Shannon Connolly, who's spending the year abroad in Paris, responds to Prop. 8's passage: To those who voted 'Yes on Prop 8', let me tell you something. I was a child once. No one told me what it meant to be gay. No one told me that the word 'family' can have many different meanings and manifestations.