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Hot for Docs: Scrubbing In

Hot for Docs: Scrubbing In

While scrubs are admittedly not the hottest fetish attire, a few actresses have worn theirs with sass and sexiness. SheWired salutes 'Hot Docs' including Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez, Audra McDonald, Sarah Chalke, Olivia Wilde, Maura Tierney and more...

Scrubs are, admittedly, not the most attractive attire. They are that sickly, mint green color and are often accompanied by flat, white, old-ladyish ked sneakers. I know I’m not painting a pretty picture here. Despite the unfortunate fashion consequences of the profession, there are more than a few women on television and in film who can actually pull off the hospital uniform look quite well and even manage to look sexy while doing it.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite “hot docs.”

1. Kate Walsh – Dr. Addison Montgomery

As Dr. Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy, Kate Walsh first became recognizable as the sharp and intimidating ex-wife of “Dr. McDreamy.” After several seasons on the ABC hit drama though, Walsh moved on to star in her own spin-off called Private Practice. Playing a world-renowned surgeon who has moved from one of the country’s best hospitals in Seattle to a small private practice with former med school friends in Los Angeles, Walsh spends the first two seasons of the show adjusting to her new surroundings and making a name for herself in the city of angels. Fiercely independent, but now more often showing her softer side than when she was on Grey’s, Walsh is irresistible as Dr. Montgomery.


2. Sara Ramirez – Dr. Callie Torres

Sara Ramirez made headlines when her character, Dr. Callie Torres, hooked up with fellow female doc Erica Hahn on Grey’s Anatomy last year. In a steamy, season-finale moment, the two locked lips and left the audience in suspense to see if the romance would continue the following year. Season five saw a somewhat awkward, but realistic, continuation of the relationship between the two women, neither of whom had experienced a lesbian relationship before.


3. Olivia Wilde – Remy “Thirteen” Hadley

Having had one of her first memorable TV roles when she played Mischa Barton’s lesbian love interest on The O.C., Olivia Wilde has become one of the most-fantasized-about actresses on television. Men and women alike are intrigued by her sparkling eyes, lithe figure and sexy smile. As Remy “Thirteen” Hadley on the medical drama House, Wilde plays a hard-to-read new doctor on Dr. House’s diagnostic team beginning in season four.

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4. Jada Pinkett Smith – Dr. Hawthorne

It hasn’t aired yet, but TNT’s new medical drama HawthoRNe will star the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith as Dr. Hawthorne, a chief nurse at Trinity Hospital in Richmond. Based on the previews alone, I can tell you that a lab coat is a good look for Dr. Hawthorne. In 2008, Pinkett Smith played a lesbian role when she portrayed fictional writer Alex Fisher in “The Women” alongside Annette Benning, Debra Messing, Meg Ryan and Eva Mendes.


5. Marisa Ramirez – Dr. Chloe Artis

FOX, of all channels, will be incorporating an out lesbian character on their new show Mental, set to air this summer. The beautiful Marisa Ramirez, known for her work on soap operas such as General Hospital and The Young and the Restless, will play out lesbian resident Dr. Chloe Artis. Not having aired yet, the nature and extent of her role is yet to be seen, but the stunning actress recently appeared in Frontiers Magazine’s “L in LA” section, talking about growing up around lesbians at her all-girls high school and how important it is for strong, gay characters to appear on primetime TV.

6. Maura Tierney – Dr. Abby Lockhart

One of television’s most beloved medical dramas has also featured some of televisions most beloved female doctors. The role of Dr. Abby Lockhart, played by Maura Tierney, was one of the most long-standing on ER, beginning with a guest appearance by Tierney in 1999 and stretching all the way until the show’s fifteenth season in 2008. Natural and compassionate, Tierney manages to be subtly sexy throughout her nearly ten-year run on the show. 

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7. Amy Brenneman – Dr. Violet Turner

Talk about a woman who can make unflattering work attire look good. The world first fell in love with Amy Brenneman when she starred as a judge in TNT’s Judging Amy, and with her curly hair and down-to-earth charm, her role as Violet Turner on Private Practice is equally captivating. Playing the role of a psychiatrist working at the same practice as Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), Brenneman works almost as hard on figuring herself out as she does her patients.


8. Laura Innes – Dr. Kerry Weaver

As Dr. Kerry Weaver, the powerful, in-control Chief of Staff on ER, Laura Innes made television history by playing one of the first out lesbian doctors in a leading role on primetime television. Having spent the majority of her years on the show as a workaholic, no-nonsense doctor in charge, the audience knew little about her personal life until her sexual orientation was revealed in season seven. Interestingly, once the world knew Weaver was a lesbian, her character softened and eventually became more family oriented as the show later focused on her legal struggles to keep her son Henry after her partner’s death.

9. Sandra Oh – Dr. Cristina Yang

The tightly wound Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, on Grey’s Anatomy is not known for her charm or compassion. But something about a go-getter with such an intense focus is undeniably intriguing. Despite being difficult at times (ok, all the time) and unbelievably competitive, she manages to befriend her fellow residents on the show, get engaged to her boss, and become unusually charming in the eyes of her audience. Prior to her role on Grey’s, Oh played gay alongside Grey’s co-star Kate Walsh in the Diane Lane film Under the Tuscan Sun.

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10. Sarah Chalke – Elliot Reid

Scrubs, one of television’s quirkiest shows, features a cast of misfits including Dr. Elliott Reid, played by Sarah Chalke. Blonde and ambitious, but definitely more than a little awkward, Chalke does not play your typical sitcom ex-girlfriend. Regardless of how her character comes across though (an unwavering Republican who has made a bad habit of making social faux pas), Chalke is charming and attractive in a girl-next-door sort of way.


11. Rosa Blasi – Dr. Lu Delgado

As Dr. Delgado on Lifetime’s Strong Medicine, Rosa Blasi played a resilient and kind-hearted doctor running a free clinic in Philadelphia. A sexy, Spanish-speaking single mother, Blasi’s character is often faced with moral dilemmas on the show, forcing her to reveal her more human side. Smart, kind and loyal, Blasi is hard to resist for her relatability and idealism.


12. Melina Kanakeredes - Dr. Sydney Hansen

On the NBC drama Providence, Greek-American actress Melina Kanakeredes played Dr. Sydney Hansen, a successful California surgeon who moves home to Providence, Rhode Island. With a long mane of curly hair and that gorgeous olive-colored Greek skin, Kanakeredes is as beautiful as she is intriguing in the role of Syd Hansen.

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13. Gabrielle Union – Dr. Courtney Ellis

The stunning Gabrielle Union had one of her first primetime television roles as Dr. Courtney Ellis on the short-lived CBS medical drama City of Angels. An outspoken advocate for victims of sexual assault, Union has made a name for herself in not only television and film, but social advocacy as well. Over the past decade, Union has captivated viewers and has garnered a large following of men and women who find her wide smile and flawless skin irresistible.


14. Kim Raver – Parademedic Kim Zambrano

Kim Raver is no stranger to intense television shows. After playing paramedic Kim Zambrano on NBC’s Third Watch, Raver moved on to be cast as Audrey Raines on 24. While she always seems to find herself in high-pressure situations, Raver consistently looks about as put-together as a girl can be. With sharp features and long hair, the lovely blonde actress is equally appealing when playing a life-saving paramedic as she is the government agent girlfriend of Jack Bauer on 24.


15. Audra McDonald – Dr. Naomi Bennett

With Audra McDonald rounding out the Private Practice cast as the third incredibly beautiful female doctor working at the Oceanside Wellness Centre, the show’s creators undoubtedly hit a home run in the casting department. Tough and no-nonsense, McDonald runs the practice with a firm hand, even while working alongside best friend Addison and ex-husband Sam. Although still feeling out her recent divorce to Sam, McDonald catches the eye of the practice’s very young male receptionist and assistant, Dell. And while any real girl-on-girl action remains to be seen on the show, her tight-knit friendships with co-workers Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Turner are fun to watch grow and unfold.  


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