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Bi 4 Bi: 7 Reasons Every Bi Person Needs A Bi Crew

Bi 4 Bi: 7 Reasons Every Bi Person Needs A Bi Crew

Bi 4 Bi: 7 Reasons Every Bi Person Needs A Bi Crew

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At the end of the day there’s no denying that bisexuals face different challenges than gay or straight monosexuals (people attracted to only one gender). Not only are bisexuals’ sexuality put into question, people assume bisexual men and women cannot be monogamous, spread HIV, and are indecisive. These struggles are distinct from the struggles gay men and women face. (Of course, both gay men and lesbians have their own unique issues too). 

But that’s why as a bi-identified person, it’s important to have a bisexual group of friends to call your own. So you can discuss uniquely bisexual issues with each other. That and these 7 other reasons.

1. You can vent about the lack of bi-visibility and how the word “bisexual” is seldom used to describe bisexual characters in your favorite TV shows.


2. They feel your struggle when you tell them how the date went well... until you told them you were bi. bisexual-gif.gif

3. The understand how dating apps can be the absolute worst for bisexuals. Jessie J

4. You can have awkward sexual tension with literally ANY of your friends. bicurls

5. They (hopefully) won’t say any ignorant and biphobic things... or at least they should know better. Not gay

6. They appreciate terrible bi puns just as much as you do. bi bi bi

7. They know what it’s like to feel somewhere lost in between the gay and straight communities. bicurls

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