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13 Annoying Bi Guy Problems

13 Bisexual Guy Problems

13 Bisexual Guy Problems

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1. When your girlfriend gets made fun of for having a “gay boyfriend.”Brian Kinney in Queer as Folks

2. Not knowing if you want to go to a straight or a gay club tonight.Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.

3. When you accidentally hit on someone’s girlfriend and end up flirting with the boyfriend too.Joey in Friends.

4. Getting asked if you’re going to marry a woman or a man.Adele

5. Not knowing if the person you're hitting on identifies as a guy or a girl but being totally into it regardless.Benedict Cumberbatch

6. When the main actors in the movie are both so hot that you can’t decide who you want more.Benedict Cumberbatch

7. When you come out to your date as bi and he says you have “vagina cooties.”Pam in True Blood.

8. Being able to empathize with your girlfriend on bad tops.Justin Bieber

9. When the “devil's threesome” is the best threesome.Tyra Banks

10. Getting asked “so which do you like better?”Prince

11. When you and your girlfriend check out hot guys together.Zooey Deschanel

12. Seeing hot straight couples and being unsure who you’re more jealous of.Cookie in Empire.

13. Being bi in a straight/gay world but still rocking at life cause you’re too f*cking fabulous, darling.Easy A

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