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'America's Next Top Model's Isis King: 'This Time It’s Not About My Trangender Status'

'America's Next Top Model's Isis King: 'This Time It’s Not About My Trangender Status'

“I don't live my life dwelling on the fact of how I was born,” specialty model King says in a new interview. She also shares why she came back to reality TV.

“I don't live my life dwelling on the fact of how I was born,” aspiring model King tells

In an interview promoting the return of America's Next Top Model all-stars edition, which premieres on Wednesday, September 14 at 9PM ET/PT, competitor King says “editing is amazing,” of her first run, but “this time around I have come back with even more confidence.”

As for her dismissal in cycle eleven, which host/creator Tyra Banks blamed on King losing herself in the face of adversity, King says she never felt she lost her way.

“Honestly, I've never lost my personality. Editing is amazing. You know, things can go however people think they are when they see the bigger picture, but I personally never lost that confidence.

I'm all about helping other people, but I don't live my life dwelling on the fact of how I was born. If they want to take different parts to make it more educational for the world to see, that's how it will be viewed. But for me, that's not what my life is about. My life is about my talents, my art and having fun…

The world will see more of my personality. I think that will be the focus more. When I was here the first time, I didn't sit around and say, "Oh, I'm transgender. Oh help me, help me." It looked like that, but that's not the type of person I am. I think you can ask [fellow contestant Lisa D'Amato] -- you can ask any of the girls -- I was more focused on having fun, and that's the type of person I am…

My whole transitional life was public. It means a little bit more if it potentially means I'm helping my career. So in general, when it [the opportunity to compete as an all-star] happened, this is exactly what I said, "I'm going to take the opportunity, look at it as an opportunity and show the world my progression."

King also says she returns to ANTM with a lot to prove about herself and her progress both as a professional and a human being.

“The reason I came back was because on the show, you see me sheltered and so nervous about what it seemed to be because I was amidst my transition,” King says. “Since the show, I went all the way. I had my [sexual] assignment surgery and a breast augmentation, so now I wanted to come back and show the fans, "Look at me now," like the Chris Brown song… I'm way more confident, even though I did have confidence then, because I'm coming back as a fashion designer, as an actress, as a motivational speaker, and a model -- as all these different things.”

“I wanted to show that I'm more well-rounded and I'm more than just a model,” she continues. “I'm more than just a girl who can walk on a runway. Also, I feel like I was axed out of the show way too soon. So, this time, I wanted to show the world why I should be here and why I'm a brand. [I'm] crazy and goofy and a character, and I think the world would enjoy that too.”

King also hinted that the infamous drama among the models will be realer than ever this season, as the cycle 17 cast (below) will be keeping up their Twitter and social media accounts as the series airs.

“This is the first season where we're allowed to keep up our social networking sites,” she spills. “So, we'll be able to see it as it happens and comment on it.”


Of all her work and accomplishments, King says it all comes from what makes her different. What used to make her feel frightened or weak now empowers and inspires her success.

“Everything I do is because I'm -- I consider myself a specialty model -- someone wants me in their show to boost ticket sales. Somebody wants me in their show to bring more of a certain client,” King explains. “I consider myself a specialty model and people usually book me because they want me, Isis the talent, to walk in their show. And I like it that way.”

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