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'American Horror Story' Hooks Up Alexandra Breckenridge and Mena Suvari’s Black Dahlia

'American Horror Story' Hooks Up Alexandra Breckenridge and Mena Suvari’s Black Dahlia

Mena Suvari's Black Dahlia makes out with the hot maid while Hayden makes major ghost moves in the latest AHS mini gay-cap.

It was a big night in the creepy, haunted house where episode 9 of American Horror Story unfolded. Of course the big draw was a gorgeous guest star in Mena Suvari, as Elizabeth Short, AKA Hollywood’s most famous unsolved murder victim, the Black Dahlia.

But fans got a whole lot more than just a glimpse at the grisly girl known as the Dahlia in the episode “Spooky Little Girl.” [SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t watched episode1x09]

In between Vivien’s (Connie Britton’s) being stuck in the funny farm (while incubating her possibly apocalyptic evil fetuses), and Hayden (Kate Mara) messing with Travis, ghoulishly evaded a snooping cop, and buddying up to Elizabeth (Suvari) to let her know her death was infamous. (Whew. Busy ghost gal, that Hayden.)

The interests of many viewers surely piqued when Elizabeth and naughty maid mistress Moira (Alexandra Breckinridge) engaged in a little girl-on-girl action. Unfortunately, it was all to get Ben (Dylan McDermott) in the sack, and he refused their advances. How could he turn this down?


For keeping it in his pants, Ben is granted the right sight to finally start seeing things as they really are in his haunted house, like Frances Conroy as the real Moira, for one. Bye-bye, beautiful redheaded Breckenridge. We’ll miss you!!


Unless we haven't seen the last of young Moira?! ....More on that at the end of this post.

Only slightly less heated was the final exchange between Constance (Jessica Lange) and supernatural psychic Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson). The actresses, who costarred together on Broadway, clearly love to collaborate and their awesome accents make the duo's temperamental dance all the more delicious on screen. If Billie is to be believed, the chilling prophecy of Viv’s pregnancy, with one twin being born by a dead man, Tate, ushers in the end of days.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells Entertainment Weekly we haven't seen the last of young hot Moira maid yet, and Paulson will be in at least four episodes of AHS.

Clearly, the first season of American Horror Story isn’t near done racking up the ghostly body count haunting the Harmon family, and hopefully, many more sexy, scary performances from the incredible actresses that comprise the cast.

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