Suze Orman Talks Marriage Equality with The View and Arianna Huffington VIDEO

Suze Orman Talks Marriage Equality with The View and Arianna Huffington VIDEO

Financial guru Suze Orman said she can't support a Republican for president because social issues of LGBT rights affect her pocketbook.

"Obviously it is no secret that I am gay, so it is very difficult for me to look at any Republican nominee and go, oh, that's who I want in office," she said while a guest on The View. "Now I understand that President Obama isn't necessarily for marriage and things, but I do believe that I have more of a chance."

Orman said "my social issue affects my financial issue." And she recently offered tips on what LGBT families should do to protect themselves financially during a forum with the Huffington Post. (Watch the video below.) "Honey, if one of these guys gets in, you and I are up the creek," she told forum participants about the likelihood of same-sex marriage passing with a Republican in office.
Also during the Huffington Post forum Orman talked about the moment during the '90s when she warned her new book publisher (who was offering her a big advance) that she wasn't going to be closeted. She recalls telling an executive, "If you're going to pay money to somebody like this, you just got to know I'm gay, and if anybody asks me I'm just going to say so, so if you don't want to give me $800,000, you don't have to anymore."

Orman told Arianna Huffington that she's always known she's a lesbian.

"I'm a 50-year-old virgin," she joked when Huffington asked if Orman had ever been through a "man phase."

"I've never been with a man my whole life," she said. "I knew almost from the very beginning."
And that's part of the reason why Orman said, "I aways thought that I was out," which is what led to that moment with the book executive. "I didn't think I had to officially come out because everybody knew that I was gay."


Here's Orman on The View: 

Here's Orman with Huffington:


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