'Army Wives' Gets Lesbian Storyline

'Army Wives' Gets Lesbian Storyline

Lesbians have arrived on Army Wives! With a title like Army Wives, you’d think it would have happened several seasons ago – all those women consoling each other – but better now than never!

AfterEllen sussed out a lesbian storyline with the help of a few folks on Twitter and got the lowdown on the relationship between Charlie (Boston Public’s Ryan Michelle Bathe) and Nicole (ER’s Kellie Martin).

Charlie recently arrived on the scene after a hurricane wiped out one of the forts and it merged with another, according to AE. And Nicole is a bad-ass captain in the Army’s intelligence division.

The lesbian relationship comes out when “Charlie became emotional during a youth support group session and told Roland (her coworker) that she's in a relationship with a recently deployed soldier, Nicole,” according to AE.

In the wake of DADT repeal Nicole is still uncomfortable with coming out, an issue that will no doubt be fleshed out as the story moves forward.

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