Sara Ramirez on Callie and Arizona Surviving The Decision to Amputate

Sara Ramirez on Callie and Arizona Surviving The Decision to Amputate

The course of true love never did run smooth for Grey’s Anatomy’s adorable lady doc couple Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). The couple has endured coming out to parents, break-ups, a surprise pregnancy, a baby daddy, car crashes, comas and a musical episode. But can they survive the plane crash at the close of the last season that left Arizona so injured that Callie had to make the call to have her wife’s leg amputated? Last week, In Emmy-worthy performances by both actresses, Callie pulled Arizona into the shower and shook her out of her post-plane crash deep depression. But where does that leave them as a couple since Arizona seems unwilling to forgive her beautiful, brilliant wife?

Ramirez weighed in on the road ahead for Calzona in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Regarding whether or not Calzona will be the show’s latest “problem” couple Ramirez said she wasn’t sure but that she feels as though Callie will stick by Arizona during her recovery period.

“Arizona was there for Callie when Callie was in a coma, so I don't know that Callie's going anywhere anytime soon,” Ramirez told HuffPo.  “I think she feels like she's gonna stick with this and be there for her wife.”

The Tony-winning actress goes on to say that Callie will keep busy with work and baby Sofia while Arizona goes through her paces of recovery. “Her situation at home ... it's not something that she knows a lot about. She doesn't know how to support and nurture an amputee, especially one that doesn't want her help.”

Ramirez speaks at some length about the hateful comments Arizona’s made since Callie was forced to make the decision to save Arizona’s life by having her leg amputated. “…when really horrible things are said that can't get taken back ever, you have to wonder, as a partner, if your person really meant that or not. Arizona said some pretty horrible things that she has not taken back,” Ramirez said.  Is that the truth? Because if that's the truth, that's not a good thing ... that's not a good sign.”

She continues, “I keep wondering are the writers going to write Callie as a character who just glosses over the truth and pretends she didn't hear it and moves forward like everything's fine? Or is this going to come to a head at some point where these two women can no longer keep putting up a facade of something that's working if it's not?”

Here’s hoping Calzona weathers this latest brutal life event that showrunner Shonda Rhimes has slung at them!

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