'Grey's' Jessica Capshaw on Phantom Leg Syndrome and Calzona's Future

'Grey's' Jessica Capshaw on Phantom Leg Syndrome and Calzona's Future

Jessica Capshaw, AKA Arizona Robbins, half of TV’s most beloved lesbian couple, was recently interviewed by TV Line, and during the sit down, the actress discussed her character’s upcoming struggle with phantom leg syndrome, dished on what’s next for Calzona, and teased us with some of her upcoming storylines on Grey’s Anatomy.  

For Arizona’s storyline, they [the writer’s/researchers] picked out the things that were angularly interesting to look at and tonally kind of a departure for the show, because she’s dealing with Phantom Leg Syndrome,” Capshaw told TV Line.  “Meaning she’s feeling pain in the part of her body that is no longer there. Imagine how mind-bending that would be if you were on the road to recovery, feeling like you’re getting your life back, and all of a sudden the thing that causes you the most amount of grief is actually the thing that’s not there anymore.”

Callie (Sara Ramirez), Arizona’s other half, made the difficult decision to amputate her wife’s leg after she was critically injured in last season’s plane crash that took the lives of fellow doctors, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). 

And since the tragic event, the couple has been on the rocks during Arizona’s physical and emotional journey to heal and come to terms with the loss of her friends, and her leg.  But, clear skies could be in their future.  

“I think they’re on the road to being back in the relationship that they knew and loved before this devastation. And I think that’s a good thing,” Capshaw said.  

As to what we can expect in the weeks ahead……

There’s a storyline where a teenager who feels broken on some level gets Arizona as her doctor. And given that Arizona now has a different wheel in her wheelhouse to relate to people, this is the first time she gets to kind of say, “Snap out of it!” the way that she herself had to be told to snap out of it.”

You can tune in to Grey’s Anatomy Thursday nights on ABC.  

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