Watch: Kate McKinnon Does 'Walking Dead's' Maggie - in a Tank Top

Watch: Kate McKinnon Does 'Walking Dead's' Maggie - in a Tank Top
Tracy E. Gilchrist

SNL’s out player Kate McKinnon is sorely underused in our estimation, but the woman who’s nailed Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster and Edie Falco impressions did make a couple of appearances on this week’s episode hosted by Kevin Hart.

The show’s cold open skewered the government's looming sequestration and how deep budget cuts would affect working Americans including TSA agents, border patrol and the space program, represented by McKinnon as a butchy astronaut.

Later, the episode featured a Walking Dead parody in which McKinnon played kickass Maggie. The bad news is that she was terribly underutilized in the sketch, but the good news is that she’s in a tank top.

We’re waiting for SNL to grasp that McKinnon is the season’s MVP and that they need to use her in EVERYTHING. But, for now, there’s this. 

Cold Open: 

The Walking Dead:

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