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Happy Mother's Day From SheWired's Favorite Mombians

Happy Mother's Day From SheWired's Favorite Mombians

To honor all the hard-working gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer moms out there, SheWired rounded up some maternal advice from some of our favorite lesbian moms, or, as the blogosphere calls them, "Mombians."




Out comic Wanda Sykes definitely finds the humor in motherhood, encapsulated in this clip from a 2010 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Discussing the pressures to stay healthy as a daily TV host, Sykes said it's increasingly difficult to do with toddlers running around the house. After Sykes told her daughter, Olivia, to cover her mouth when she coughs, the then-2-year-old stuck her fingers into her mommy's mouth, held it open, then put two "baby-coughs" right down her throat. 

"I could just feel the hot baby-germs rushing down my throat and attacking my whole system," Sykes lamented. But there's another thing that Olivia does that sets her Mommy off even more. Find out what it is in the clip below. 

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Out actor Rosie O'Donnell is an old pro at motherhood, raising four children with her ex-wife Kelli Carpenter. But this January, O'Donnell's family just got a little bit bigger, when the 50-year-old welcomed baby Dakota, to whom her wife, Michelle Rounds, gave birth on January 9. Touching photos like the one above took over O'Donnell's instagram, and her blog was filled with poems singing the praises of motherhood, like this one: 

a baby born

January 16, 2013

i have a new baby
she smells delicious
cooing and blinking
welcome to the world

life has on occasion so much joy
babies anchor me
to souls here and gone
2 connection

which is how we cure lonely
humans need each other
plugged in and present

michelle is glowing
a first time mom
she has fallen in big love
pure grace in motion

life unfolds
revealing itself
over and again
ebb and flow

the only constant
i remind myself
when doubt sprouts

i am 50
woman grown
mother actor
public private


children arrive
parents depart
while u r on display
fame – muse as prey

i don’t know jodie foster
we have a few mutual friends
from what i have heard
she is kind smart and shy

i have admired her from afar
cheered her on as she soared the show biz skies
braver smarter prettier better – but still
i saw parts of myself in her

on we go – each of us
toward unknown tomorrows
thankful for the shared humanity
that moves us all forward

oh – p.s.

SHAMELESS is back on
everybody rejoice !!
frank is home
i have the tingles

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Meredith Baxter was known to millions as the beloved matriarch of the Keaton family on Family Ties, but Baxter is also a real-life mom to three. "I'm a lesbian mom," Baxter proudly told People in 2009. Baxter quickly came out to her own children — including daughter Kate and twins Mollie and Peter. And the kids took the news exceedingly well. "I just couldn't stop smiling," Peter, then 25, told People. "Because she finally figured it out."

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The Cora family at the premiere of The Lorax in 2012.

Out Iron Chef Cat Cora leads a family of six along with her wife Jennifer, and dished the details on how she and her wife ended up with four boys to Working Mother in 2009. "The doctor implanted Jennifer and me with each other’s eggs,” Cora explained. “So she gave birth to [3-year-old] Caje, but he’s my biological child. I carried [13-month-old] Nash, but he’s Jennifer’s biological child.” Jennifer carried the couple's fourth son, Thatcher, though both women's eggs were implanted. Despite the obvious biological and familial connections, Cora told Working Mother that she and Jennifer still had to go through the costly, time-consuming process of adopting one another's children after they were born. "Hopefully someday same-sex couples won't have to go through all of that," Cora told Working Mother. 

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While newly out Oscar-winner Jodie Foster has two sons of her own, she clearly learned some important parenting messages from her own mother. In Foster's now-infamous speech at the 2013 Golden Globes, Foster came out as gay, and thanked her mother, Evelyn, who suffers from dementia, for being an "amazing inspiration."

Watch Foster's emotional speech below, and note how she finds herself choked up but determined to convey her mother's fundamental importance in her life. 


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<p>Sunnivie is an award-winning journalist and the managing editor at&nbsp;<em>The Advocate</em>. A proud spouse and puppy-parent, Sunnivie strives to queer up the world of reporting while covering the politics of equality daily.</p>