WATCH: New Lesbian-Themed Web Series 'Producing Juliet' Ep. 2

WATCH: New Lesbian-Themed Web Series 'Producing Juliet' Ep. 2

From award-winning executive producer, writer, and director Tina Cesa Ward (Anyone But Me) comes Producing Juliet, a new lesbian-themed web series that stars Anyone But Me’s Rachael Hip-Flores as the sublimely geeky playwright Juliet and Alisha Spielman as her love interest Rebecca. 

The slickly produced series also stars Jenny Grace as Laura, the actress with whom Rebecca is obsessed, Betty Kaplan as the woman who produces Juliet’s play, and Stacey Raymond as Laura’s girlfriend Michelle.
Watch the second episode of Producing Juliet below.

Ep. 2: In this episode, we learn promises made on opening night as we peek into Rebecca and Laura’s relationship behind closed doors. Laura waits impatiently for a response from Rebecca. Juliet’s mind wanders to Evan.

Watch the first episode on the following page... 

Ep. 1: Rebecca and Juliet meet for the first time changing the course of their lives and the lives of the people around them.

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