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A Note from Cathy on 'What's Your Problem?'

A Note from Cathy on 'What's Your Problem?'

Cathy explains that 'What's Your Problem' is on hiatus for a week while she and Jill Bennett combine forces to deliver landmark protest video from the continual Prop. 8 protests throughout Los Angeles. Plus... an incredibly moving letter from a 'WYP' reader.

Hey Everyone,

As you have probably already noticed, a new episode of “What’s Your Problem?” is on hold for this week. With the passing of Proposition 8 here in California I have been busy taking to the streets in protest and generally fed up with practicing patience and understanding. In that state of mind, I thought it best to keep W.Y.P. on hold and instead capture this time on video to be shared with you all next week.

In the spirit of joining forces that has been swelling in our community, Jill Bennett and I will be combining our videos for next week as “What’s Your Problem?” and “The Violet Underground” invite you to join us in the fight for our civil rights.

None of this means your letters have become unimportant to me. As I have been sitting and taking them in all I could think of was that this present day fight for our civil rights lays right at the core of what is causing most of the emotional unrest and trauma that you all write to me about. We are equal, there is nothing wrong with us and we deserve to grow up without the burden of those misconceptions. The time is now. Enough is enough.

The following letter is one I received that was sent to me, but clearly is written to us all. Thank you “Georgia” for your words of wisdom. This week, it is you, the letter writer who provides me with an answer.


I honestly don’t have a question or issue that I need help with.This is just something that I feel needs to be said. I am straight. My best friend is not. She is a lesbian, and a big fan of yours. Through her I have been exposed to the gay community and have visited sites like SheWired, AfterEllen, and Ourchart. I have noticed something quite disturbing, especially now with this Prop. 8 up on the ballot in California. I should clarify that we are from Georgia and far away from the Prop. 8 fight. It seems as if every yes on Pro. 8 thing I have seen is by a Christian group.

The Mormons are pouring so much money behind the yes campaign, preachers and clergy are pleading, fasting and praying for the ban to be passed. This is sad. I just wanted someone,anyone to hear from a Christian who is not doing any of these things. I am very much a Jesus freak I guess you could say and do you want to know something? I do not think, I KNOW that being gay is not a sin, choice,abomination or any other negative thing you could say. Those people you see on TV that hate and discriminate do not represent all of us.

There are some, and our voices are growing louder that stand up for equal rights. Not because we believe in mere tolerance but because we believe sexuality is a gift from God that should be expressed and celebrated inwhatever form it takes. I know this is random and not put together in some epic speech or revelation but that does not negate my urgency to let someone, anyone know that Christians are not all the same.

I feel so badlyfor my dear friend who is constantly subjected to the falsehood that Goddoes not love her. It makes me sick to think that millions of people believe that all Christians are ignorant, self-righteous bastards who would rather spend money on supporting this war on love, instead of doing the work Jesus actually told us to do, like feed the poor, house the homeless and love everyone, even our enemy as ourselves. It makes Christians like myself, who try to do those things, look bad. It makes us look like a bunch of hypocrites, when really it is the minor!

It's fundamentalists who feel this way. I just wanted someone out there to know that for every Christian you see protesting and hating you, there IS another fighting, supporting, affirming and praying for you. There is another who believes God loves you for who you are and there is no need to "fix" "cure" or "repent" from being the person God created you to be. We are out there, we are growing and we believe in the LGBT community and we just want you believe in us to.

Thank you,

“Woman in Georgia”


If you have questions/issues you'd like Cathy to address, email her at [email protected]. (Be sure to specify whether you'd like to remain anonymous or if she can refer to you by name.)

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