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Twitter Is Losing Its Mind Over the Not-So-Normal Outfit Lady Gaga Wore to Go Hiking

Twitter Is Losing Its Mind Over the Not-So-Normal Outfit Lady Gaga Wore to Go Hiking

Being an icon is a 24/7 job.

Lady Gaga isn't known for her super-practical outfits. She's much more of a "make a statement" kind of gal, even if that statement sometimes has to be made by wearing a dress made of meat or being a massive Twizzler. 

Being a fashion icon isn't easy, people.

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So pretty much zero percent of her fans were surprised when photos surfaced of Gaga and her new beau communing with nature on a hiking trail. Her boyfriend, Christian Carino, seems appropriately dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and some sneakers. He's even sensibly holding a drink, because hydration matters. Gaga, on the other hand, opted for a ruffly off-the-shoulder crop top, a fishtail skirt with a slit, and some seriously expensive nude heels. 

Proving that the world is, indeed, her runway.

Twitter was living for the look.

Fans are living for it so much, in fact, that it's become a new unit of measurement.

We can only aspire ...

Demin is prepared and inspired, life. Do not throw down this challenge.

Sorry Mood Rings, you're canceled. We measure our moods in Gaga-attire now.


We give it a solid "Hillary Clinton goes hiking with her dog after conceding and runs into a fan." Practical and adorable, but lacking in rhinestones. Bonus points for the slit.


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