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Elliot Page Revealed His Steamy Romance With Actress Olivia Thirlby

Elliot Page Revealed His Steamy Romance With Actress Olivia Thirlby

Elliot Page and Olivia Thirlby
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And falling for another costar on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.


Elliot Page’s new memoir just keeps serving all the dishy deets. This time he opened up about his steamy romance with his Juno co-star, bisexual actress Olivia Thirlby.

In Pageboy, Elliot writes that the two met and had a passionate affair while filming the movie together. “I was taken aback the moment I saw Olivia Thirlby,” he writes, adding that while the two of them were the same age, Thirby seemed “so much older, capable, and centered. Sexually open, far removed from where I was at the time. But the chemistry was palpable, it pulled me in.”

The two shared an instant connection and began spending all their time together on set. One day, the two were in Thirlby’s hotel room. Page recalled that her co-star “looked directly at me and said point-blank, ‘I’m really attracted to you.’”

Elliot Page and Olivia Thirlby

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When Page reciprocated those feelings, “it was on,” he says. “At that we started sucking face,” he recalls.

“I had an all-encompassing desire for her, she made me want in a way that was new, hopeful. It was one of the first times someone would make me c-m, the first time I would open up,” Page wrote.

“Her hotel room, in our trailers at work, once in a tiny, private room in a restaurant … We thought we were being subtle. Being intimate with Olivia helped my shame dissipate. I didn’t see a glint of it in her eyes and I wanted that — done feeling wretched about who I am,” he wrote.

This passionate affair isn’t the only time Page addresses falling for co-stars; he also dished about the connection he shared with his X-Men: Days of Future Past actress Kate Mara. While Mara was currently dating actor Max Minghella at the time, Page was fresh off heartbreak and couldn’t help but fall for her.

“The first person I fell for after my heart was broken was Kate Mara,” wrote Page, who shared that Mars was supportive of him and the two began exploring their feelings for one another. At one point Page writes that Mara admitted, “‘I never thought I could be in love with two people, and now I know I can.’”

Elliot Page and Kate Mara

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It was a relationship that once again taught Page a lot about himself. “I think my relationship, or whatever you want to call it with Kate, very much encapsulates a certain dynamic that I consistently found myself in, which was falling for people that — I think a lot of us do this — who aren’t fully available,” he wrote. “And the sort of safety in that and the highs and the lows and the serotonin bump, and then it goes away.” He admits that is a pattern in his life.

The two remain close, Page revealed. “I think the love and care that we have for each other is its very own special thing. Separate from the intimacy that I write about,” the actor explained.

Pageboy is out now.

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