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Hollywood Legend Doris Day Has Passed Away 

Hollywood Legend Doris Day Has Passed Away

Hollywood Legend Doris Day Has Passed Away

She was the girl next door and a gay icon.


Hollywood icon Doris Day has passed away at age 97.

Day was one of the most well-known actors in the history of film, even though she hasn’t taken a role since 1973.

Her long history of credits include Calamity Jane, Alfred HItchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Pillow Talk, which also featured Rock Hudson, whom she starred with in several films.

Day was often considered an LGBTQ icon due to her longstanding friendship with Hudson, a closeted icon himself who ultimately died from AIDS complications. She also had a song featured in her film Calamity Jane called “Secret Love,” which was a low-key gay favorite due to the obvious themes of having to hide your love.

Celebrities and fans alike took to Twitter this morning to express their condolences over Day’s death.








Day’s death was reportedly caused by a recent onset of pneumonia, and she passed away peacefully in her home and surrounded by close friends.

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