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Ricky Martin Protests Puerto Rico Governor's Homophobic Vitriol

Ricky Martin Protests Puerto Rico Governor's Homophobic Vitriol

Ricky Martin Protests Puerto Rico Governor's Homophobic Vitriol

An 889-page leaked document revealed horrific comments.


Ricky Martin is pushing back against homophobia.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló was the subject of a mass protest earlier this week after a leaked 889-page chat saw him casually tossing out homophobic and misogynist remarks, and even seemingly supporting violence against his political opponents.

Now, Puerto Ricans are calling for his resignation. Martin, who currently lives in the states, returned to the territory to join the protests.

“We’re tired of the cynicism,” he said in an Instagram video. “They put down women, they put down the LGBT community, people with disabilities. Corruption. It’s insane. We are tired. We can’t take it anymore.”



Another politician involved in the hateful discussions, Puerto Rico’s chief financial officer Christian Sobrino, had targeted Martin specifically.

“Nothing says patriarchal oppression like Ricky Martin,” he wrote. “Ricky Martin is such a male chauvinist that he fucks men because women don’t measure up. Pure patriarchy.”

Sobrino resigned on Saturday, but Rosselló has yet to budge.

“I humble myself before you and before the Almighty for the faults I have committed,” Rosselló said.

But that isn’t good enough for those calling for him to resign, who feel this colossal document filled with spite and disregard for the citizens and fellow politicians of Puerto Rico revealed a man unfit to lead.

“This is NOT the government that was promised to us in the political campaign that led Rosselló to the governorship,” Martin tweeted in Spanish. “Not living up to our expectations, that is the biggest disappointment. Governor, your insults and your teasing show us who you really are.”

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda also denounced the governor’s comments, and joined a similar protest in NYC calling for Rosselló's resignation.

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