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7 Conversations LGBT People Have with Straight People, As Told by American Horror Story GIFs

7 Conversations LGBT People Have with Straight People, As Told by 'American Horror Story' GIFs

7 Conversations LGBT People Have with Straight People, As Told by 'American Horror Story' GIFs

We've all had these cringe-y convos with straight people at some point...


1. The "You're a sinner and you're going to hell."

Many of us have dealt with this particular type of ignorance at some point in our lives. The kind of person who tells us we are sinning, or some other form of debauchery. Lay some truthful revelation on this hater! Put him/her in their place and walk on by.

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2. The "Which one of you is the woman/man?"

It usually happens when you and your significant other find yourselves at a family BBQ, or a crowded bar with new friends, or a wedding. It seems like a harmless question to a basic straight man or woman, but much like Gaga, we sip our wine to cover the internal screaming and rage at this sort of question. 

3. The Thanksgiving bombshell

Your homophobic relative sits across the dinner table from you chanting ignorant babble. Little do they know that you're about to launch the ICBM of truths on them. (Batten down the hatches!)

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4. The hopeful straight crush

Every time you talk to them, they desperately hope that you've magically "grown out" of your attraction to the same gender. To reiterate the holy words of Regina George, "Stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!"

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5. The "How do you have sex?"

This conversation may be nosy, but it is usually more sincere, which is why you get excited at the chance to unleash all your dirty details and be looked upon as a divine sex god/goddess. Teach the sheep the ways of the shepherd.

[iframe allowfullscreen="" class=^{{"giphy-embed"}}^ frameborder="0" height="480" width="480"]

6. The "You're soooo good with fashion decisions."

Just because we're gay, lesbian, trans, or any other faction of LGBT, doesn't mean we have a heightened sense of fashion or interior design. I mean, we have style for sure, but please don't stereotype us.

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7. The would-be LGBT matchmaker

We've all got that one friend that thinks themselves a wise guru of love. In reality, though, putting the first two LGBT people you think of together does not mean you're a matchmaker. And no one wants unsolicited dating advice. We've got a large pool to swim in, so, thanks but no thanks. 

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