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Barbie Fans, Meet Ken's Handsome 'Buddy' Allan

Barbie Fans, Meet Ken's Handsome 'Buddy' Allan

Barbie Fans, Meet Ken's Handsome 'Buddy' Allan

Just two bros hangin' out, sharing the same clothes! Such good buddies!


We already knew Mattel's Ken doll has a very hilarious, very queer history, but in case you needed more proof that the Barbie character is an inadvertent gay icon, here's a new development for you:

In a now viral post from Twitter user @byelacey, Barbie fans old and new are being introduced to Allan, a handsome, brown-haired, and strapping vintage doll who serves as a companion to our gay icon Ken. Mattel literally describes Allan on his box as Ken's "buddy" (hmmm, that's one coded, roundabout way to say boyfriend!), and to prove just how great their buddy relationship is, the longtime toy manufacturer also pointed out that all of Ken's clothes hit Allan perfectly! 'Cause that's what great bros and "buddies" do, right?! Share 'fits!!

Upon further digging, we learned from an article in HuffPost that this picture of the Allan doll first resurfaced back on the internet nine years ago in a 2011 Reddit post

"His pants come pre-unbuttoned for faster clothes swapping!" one commenter hilariously pointed out. 

"That's a distinct advantage if you stay the night and have to go to work the following morning," said another of the fact Allan and Ken can share clothes.

But if you think Ken is the only doll in the Barbie lineup with his very own "buddy" made just for him, think again! Twitter user @neomiziz replied to the original tweet with another queer vintage find in the form of Midge, Barbie's very own "best friend" with whom she can also swap wardrobes with.

Of course, Gay Twitter™ went absolutely nuts when they found out about Allan, and the jokes almost immediately ensued...

Are Ken and Allan our new fave toy boyfriends? (Oops sorry, I mean "buddies.")

They sure are!!

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