iLoveMakonnen Just Came Out as Gay

Raffy Ermac

Photo: Instagram (@ilovemakonnen)

Donald Trump's presidential inauguration may have had a lot of people feeling down, but there are actually good things that happened in the news recently. Like when 27-year-old, Atlanta rapper iLoveMakonnen (who is best known for his 2014 hit "Tuesday," with the remix featuring Drake) took to his Twitter account this morning to come out as gay. 

The news of the iLoveMakonnen's coming out comes on the heels of Taylor Bennett (Chance The Rapper's brother) coming out as bisexual earlier this week, and helps add much-needed queer representation in the music industry and the genre of hip-hop at a time where LGBT rights are coming under fire.

"Thank you for letting me be myself," iLoveMakonnen later told his fans of his coming out on Instagram.

h/t: Billboard



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