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10 Reasons Why Lesbians and Bi Girls Should Love HER

10 Reasons Why Lesbians and Bisexual Girls Should Love HER

10 Reasons Why Lesbians and Bisexual Girls Should Love HER

Because if you can find a girlfriend on the internet without feeling totally othered, it's like you've finally won.


HER is the app formerly known as Dattch. 

1. It will never match you up with a guy.


2. You'll actually never even see a man because this is HER and it's for girls.


3. It's an app made by women, so there's nothing to make you feel bad! No swiping left!


4. It's basically a combination of Pinterest, Facebook messenger and Instagram. Super easy to use!


5. You can access the HER blog feed through the app, that features lesbian events, videos, lists and more.


6. You can look through profiles of women in your area, and like pictures or comments they've curated about themselves.

And if they like you back, you have a match!


7. There are 12 different categories that you can identify yourself as and that even includes Bisexual!


8. You can set filters based on age and distance, so you can find your perfect match easily, or discover a hidden gem in another city.


9. It includes height, but not weight. Because DUH.


10. Plus, there are a lot of pet pictures.


Enjoy, and maybe you might just find your new love, because if there's anything better than a list saying why it rules, it's having someone tell you they found their love on the app! It worked for me! It can work for you.

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