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16 Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are About To Uhaul

16 Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are About To Uhaul

16 Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are About To Uhaul

Not like you weren't expecting this to happen.


1. Your girlfriend happily walks and feeds your dog in the morning while you’re getting ready for work.

And your dog (or cat) loves her.


2. When she comes over, she brings over beer without asking.



3. She knows how you take your coffee or tea.



4. She always knows exactly how you like your pizza. 



5. She's knows exactly how toasted you like your toast.

Basically all food related preferences.


6. Since she's always there, she knows just how to make the perfect food you crave.

She knows the inside of your fridge better than you do.


7. She knows the look you have whenever someone is annoying the hell out of you.



8. The look that means you’re totes fed up with someone? She can see it from a mile away.

Time to go!


9. She knows what you order at the bar.


10. She knows exactly when you're in desparate need of another drink.

Because she gets you.


11. She happily lets you DJ in the car.

And jams out to whatever you pick.


12. She respects your televsion choices.

And even sits through things she's not that into.


13. She remembers that you need toothpaste and toilet paper when you go to Target.



14. She finds it charming that you track her period.

Because she never has any idea when it's coming.


15. Everytime she calls her parents, she shoves the phone at you so you can catch up with them as well.

And you dutifully chit chat about whatever her parents are excited about.


16. She's ordered food to your house so many times, she knows your address by heart.

And that shit's serious.


You might as well start boxing up someone's stuff now. It's happening.

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