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5 Ranked Reasons Why Single Life is Everything You Will Ever Need

5 Ranked Reasons Why Single Life is Everything You Will Ever Need

5 Ranked Reasons Why Single Life is Everything You Will Ever Need

Single? No problem.

People talk down the single life all the time. Show up at the next gorgeous fall lesbian wedding in delightful dapper style (check out some Dapper inspiration here), and all of a sudden people want to know when you’ll be next, when really all you wanted was major props on your outfit choices! But you know something they don’t. There are a multitude of reasons why #singlelife is basically the best, and why it’s something that everyone needs to spend some serious time with. Get to know you. Get to love you. We’ve got even more reasons for why this kind of lifetime commitment is really where it’s at, ranked for you in order of importance:
# 5 - Languish in Obscurity
You’ve got your neck, your back, your Netflix and your snacks. And you’re chilling on a weekend, easy like Sunday morning. What do you want to watch? Obscure adult animation? Every foreign-language zom-rom-com ever made? Every gay dance movie ever made? (I personally recommend Leave It On The Floor). The collected works of Russ Meyer, the genius who brought the world Faster Pussycat Kill Kill?
Hey, you do you. Get into whatever it is you’re really into with gay abandon. You don’t need to validate those choices to anyone at all. So get into prime snuggling-down position on that sofa, commit to the soft-and-cushiness, and make this life all about the things that inspire your imagination, keep you dreaming, and make you actually laugh out loud - no matter how pop culture or obscure it may be.
# 4 - Pussy Galore
And by that I really do mean actual cats. All the cats. So many cats. Just as many cats as you’ve ever wanted in your fluffy, adorable world, because no one is standing there saying “Hey, maybe you have too many kittens now, baby.” No one.

And, well, puppies too - because if you’re into flirting, dog parks are the best kind of fun casual date. And single life can contain exactly as much flirting as you like. But also, y’know… puppies. Pets wake up with you, spoon, love you for every occasion, will party with you for any reason at all, and only need hugs and feeding in exchange. They’re the perfect partner in crime. So get on down to a shelter near you, and meet your new life partner. Or, you could just start with the virtual equivalent, and watch some kittens and puppies, live allllll day, if you like. Because no one needs to know what you did with your day. Except maybe your boss.

# 3 - Find Your Ideal Date
Single life gives you a chance to discover how you like to date (you don’t need to totally eschew dating to be single).
Speed dating more your speed? Casual hook-ups? Go for it, girl.
Are cute little romantic platonic outings with friends involving pretty classic cars, drive-in movies, and kettle corn exactly what you want in your life? Whatever you dream of, you can realise. Non-sexual overnight spooning buddies can always apply here. 
#2 - You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 
Ever have that kind of mind-blowing sex that comes from partnering with someone who really knows what you like? Someone who really gets what your turn-ons and turn-offs are and anticipates better than anyone else what you want next? Hey, guess who can tick every one of those off the list, and keep you cumming for every day of the rest of your life? You? Oh, you got that right. 
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Think about investing in some sex toys, rediscover your clitoris (See How Cliterate Are You?) working on some new sexy fantasy scenarios (See these amazing Netflix sex scenes), and really committing to some serious self-sexing. Because onanism is the new black.
#1 - You Complete You.
Even if you’re not an aficionado of that all-too-familiar movie, Jerry McGuire, made in a younger, more innocent era, before Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch and we all saw too much... you probably know that phrase that’s floated around in popular culture for nigh on 20 years now: "You complete me."

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But really, who completes you in this equation? Single living keeps you committed to the one person who completes you everyday, every minute - you. Keep investing in her.
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