'The Fairy Godbottom' Gives Us Lessons on Hooking Up

Raffy Ermac

A clever new web series by WeHoLife—a project of the LA LGBT Center and the City of West Hollywood—entitled The Fairy Godbottom is giving gay men advice and tips on how to have safe and healthy hookups with people, and it's doing so in the most hilarious way possible. 

"If you're on your way to a hot hookup, do not brush or floss your teeth," Fairy Godbottom Zach tells his friend Brian after rudely interrupting his morning routine in the first episode of the series, which premiered last month. "The action can actually irritate your gums and make you more susceptible to the transmission of STIs and HIV."

He continues: "The CDC recommends no brushing or flossing up to two hours before putting peen in your piehole. Instead, just use some mouthwash!" 

"I'm going to work," Brian replies, unamused at the bathroom intrusion.

"Okay, if you call suckin' dick 'work,'" Zach replies. "It is a blowjob."

Watch the first two episodes of The Fairy Godbottom below.

h/t: NewNowNext

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