WATCH: Who Wants to See Rachel Maddow Get Soaking Wet for a Cause?

Tracy E. Gilchrist

When Fox news’ Shep Smith said that Rachel Maddow should soak her head she took it literally and agreed to be doused in ice water as part of Chillin’ for Charity. The details of the challenge are a little tough to keep up with, but essentially, now that Maddow has gotten wet for a good cause, Smith has to pay $50 in Maddow's name to his favorite charity. Now it’s up to Maddow to challenge three people to ice up for charity. Among her three, is ultra-conservative Liz Cheney. Are we sure Cheney doesn’t actually pull her head out of a bucket of ice every morning? That chilly demeanor is not easy to achieve! 

Tags: #Women

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