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11 Fave Non-Gendered Toys We Queer Girls Loved Before Target Said it Was Ok

11 Favorite Non-Gendered Toys We Queer Girls Loved Before Target Said it Was Ok

11 Favorite Non-Gendered Toys We Queer Girls Loved Before Target Said it Was Ok

Some girls play with trucks. Some boys play with dolls. Some of us just want to build things.

Target recently declared that it is doing away with gendered labeling for toy aisles at its stores. No longer will you see a “girls’ toys” aisle full of dolls and houses and pink things and a “boys’ toys” aisle filled with spaceships and model cars and blue things. According to some of the Facebook comments I've seen, this has left some people allegedly confused about how they’ll find the right clothes for their kids, because apparently people can’t tell the difference between clothes and toys?

There are also several people who are up in arms over the idea of boys playing with “girl toys” and girls playing with “boy toys.” This is, of course, ridiculous, but it did make us wonder what toys queer ladies liked to play with when they were kids. Here follows a non-scientific, qualitative study of a non-random cross section of our bisexual and lesbian friends and their favorite toys when they were kids. The bottom line is that all toys have always been for everyone. 

What were your favorite toys?


1. My Little Pony

“My Little Ponies! And I am still a MLP nut now at almost 32. I was massively into horse-riding because it was a “girl” thing that still allowed me to get dirty and was quite physical. I did originally want to do ballet but my dad convinced me to go along and ride with him and I never regretted it. It really fed my love of animals, which has continued to this day.”

- Lottie 


2. Toy Horse on Springs 

“My favorite toy was Clip Clop a horse that was attached to springs and you could bounce up and down and ride it. I had a cowgirl hat and loved that toy.”

- Emily 



3. Harry Potter Legos 

“I was definitely obsessed with my Harry Potter Legos as a kid. I had the Hogwarts castle, the Chamber of Secrets, the Dursleys’ house, and the Hogwarts Express, to name only a selection. Nothing was more awesome to me then creating adventures for the characters myself when I was waiting for the books and movies to come out. Basically, I was the AU fanfic queen of the Harry Potter universe. I'm also now 22 and definitely wearing my ‘Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Captain’ t-shirt at this very moment, so clearly I've been killing the fangirl game for a while.”

- Rebekah 


4. Fimo Clay 

“Fimo, that coloured modelling stuff you bake in the oven? I was pretty good at that. I did once make a small model of the Egyptian god Thoth out of Fimo and carry him around as a talisman for a couple of years.”




5. Variflex Skateboard 

“Number one = my skateboard. DEFINITELY. it was a cheap Variflex from Walmart. It had artwork on the underside with rockets and space shuttles. I loved it because it let me fly FAST down hilly streets, and I used it to jump ramps and curbs! It was my introduction to thrill-seeking and adrenaline. My dad gave it to me for my birthday. Best. Present. EVER.”



6. The Bionic Woman Doll 

“My Bionic Woman bendable posable figure and the Bionic Beauty Salon It’s safe to say that my Bionic Woman doll didn’t spend too much time in her Bionic Beauty Salon. Why was that even something she needed? Instead, I had her out solving crimes and mysteries with the Six Million Dollar Man. As far as I can recall I never imposed a relationship on the two (although they did have something in the TV shows). I’m pretty sure I wanted Jamie Somers for myself as Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman was my destination TV viewing as a kid.”

- Tracy 


7. A Teddy Bear 

“I can't say with certainty that I had one specific toy that I ever had an affinity to. Mainly because I wasn't really the toy kind of child. But if I had to think of one toy that I really coveted, I suppose it would have to be this giant teddy bear I got when I was in second grade. I have a fondness of teddy bears (don't get me started on Build a Bear - ingenuous ingenuity there and they have taken a lot of my money). I think it's because I've always used them as a source of comfort. I slept with that giant teddy until I was well into my teens and I was very upset when I had to let him go when I went away to college. He was ragged by then, and the apartment I was moving into had a very small living space and bedroom and it was impossible to continue trotting him around.”

- Geralynn 



8.  Barbie McDonald's and He-Man


"Well, I was confused. I liked my Barbie McDonald's but I also liked He Man. I liked pretending I was working at (McDonalds) and as far as He-Man goes, he was ripped and I used to like making him make out with She ra."

- Leslie


9. Lincoln Logs 

“I loved Lincoln Logs. I liked constructional toys, creating something. Plus, they were outdoorsy.”

- Boo 



10. Barbie (as a scientist or President) 

“My favorite toys changed as I grew: my first favorite toy I can remember was a pink Puffalump. Then I remember being really into Barbies, but I never played with them alone in the way I'd play with them with friends. With friends we played house or school, but alone my Barbies were presidents and scientists..and they were all gettin' down with Ken! 

- Regina Phalange (not her real name)


11. Beanie Babies 

"Beanie Babies. I had a little house thing that I displayed them on. I figured I'd become rich one day by selling my collection. I was definitely not right about that." 



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