WATCH: Angelina Jolie's Magnificent 'Maleficent' in First Teaser Trailer!

WATCH: Angelina Jolie's Magnificent 'Maleficent' in First Teaser Trailer!

The trailer for Disney's upcoming Maleficent has now been released and Angelina Jolie could not look any more fearsome - or enchanting - than she does as the titular sorceress.

Few Disney villains are so iconic in their dark power and terrible cruelty like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, which is why Jolie is the perfect fit. Jolie is an actress who can embody the seductive charm of absolute evil that draws our attention away from boring, blonde-haired princesses. Maleficent aims to retell the Sleeping Beauty story from the perspective of the maybe-not-so-wicked lady in black as she fights for possession of a kingdom that was once hers.

Allusions to the 1959 Disney classic are abundant in the trailer that feels more like a teaser, what with the horns and thorns and Maleficent's piercing green-eyed gaze. As the trailer fades to darkness, Jolie's villainous laugh echoes in the distance.

Maleficent is set to be released May 30, 2014. Watch the trailer below:

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