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Snacking to Shed - the 411 on Snacking

Snacking to Shed - the 411 on Snacking

Celeb Fitness Trainer Shawnee Harkins offers up advice on how to cut some quick calories if you’re looking to trim down or just eat healthier for 2010. 

Celeb Fitness Trainer Shawnee Harkins offers up advice on how to cut some quick calories if you’re looking to trim down or just eat healthier for 2010. 

Say hello to 2010, and goodbye to unwanted lbs. from last year!

It’s no myth when you hear that in order to speed up your metabolism, to lose unwanted body fat; you should consume 5 to 6 small meals a day, allowing for snacks in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This also applies to those who simply wish to maintain their body weight.

So, what is the big deal about snacks anyway? Everything.

Let me educate you: Snacking 101.

Don’t rush a good thing.

Be in your Zen moment when you consume your snack. Slow down, relax and taste. Take in the smell, texture, taste and aroma. Treat your snack time like you would a meal. Be present and engaged with your snack. This allows for proper digestion, satiety in your diet, and a general sense of satisfaction from your food. When you slow down to eat in a relaxed state of mind you are less tempted to over eat. Most overeating comes from eating too fast or not being satisfied by the senses around eating; smell, texture, taste and aroma. Instead of standing up, leaning against the counter, shoving fork to mouth; sit down at a table, take a few long deep breaths, bring yourself to a relaxed state of being, and savor each bite.

Now, let’s look at what you generally consume for your snacks. Are you a vending machine snacker; chips and diet soda? Do you scarf down whatever carb you can get your hands on before the hunger pains start? The average person can spend 250 to 350 calories on a high calorie snack that offers no nutrients and be totally unaware.

If you snack 2 to 3 times a day, this adds up to an extra 600 to 1,000 calories per day. Now, for someone who has a fitness goal, or looking to eat healthier, those numbers need to be decreased. Try focusing on snacks right around 100 calories or less. Focus on low calorie snacks that also benefit your health in others ways - i.e., protein. Which sounds better; 300-400 calories per day spent on snacking compared to 600-1000 calories? Being aware of your snack calories will give you the edge you need to adjust your eating habits, so that you may be successful with your personal fitness goals.

Now what to eat? Throw out the old, and try the new...

My Top 5 Snacks (Under 100 Calories):

1.     Apple w/ Peanut Butter- apple slices with thin layer of all natural peanut butter, no additives or sugar

2.     Banana

3.     Fresh Blueberries & Strawberries- handful of each

4.     Hard boiled egg – pinch of pepper

5.     Hummus 2 tbs. spread on Pita Pocket bread ¼ & ½ of green, yellow or red bell pepper cut into strips


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My TOP 5 On-the-Go Snacks (Under 100 Calories):

1. Raisins- small box

2. Greek Yogurt- 6oz, non fat, sugar free

3. Plain Popcorn- 2 cups, no added salt

4. Fresh Grapes- 20

5. Raw Baby Carrots- 1 cup


My TOP 5 Fruits – Feeling Fuller Longer - to get you to your next meal (Under 100 Calories):

1.     Orange

2.     Fresh Pear

3.     Peaches

4.     Plums

5.     Apple


Remember if you have to open with a can opener, don’t eat it! Consume fresh and organic foods! Eating 2- 3 healthy snacks daily will boost your metabolism, increase your energy level and even shrink your waist size.

Snacking smarter leaves your unwanted lbs in the dust and a healthier, sexier you in 2010!

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