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The first gay pride parade took place in 1970 in New York on the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Its goal was to commemorate the struggle of those first protesters, and to fight against the social and legislative discrimination of LGBT people. Today, gay pride parades have spread to the four corners of the globe, becoming the most extravagant, ostentatious, and multi-colored event in the queer calendar, characterized by glitz, glamor, feathers, and gravity-defying heels. But no matter how wild the parades have become, the underlying message remains unchanged: we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!

70 Photos of L.A. Pride That Make Us Proud

LA's fiercest and finest were out in force to celebrate Pride Month - see the images below!

Iconic Queen Bianca Del Rio To Lead Hulu's 'Pride Never Stop' Campaign

Del Rio is bringing her comedy chops to Hulu's live streams of Pride parades across the country.

10 Texts Every Person At Pride Sends Their Friends

You know you’ve texted your friend about some hottie standing right next to you. Don’t lie. 

10 Reasons You Should Bring Your Parents To Pride

Bringing the parentals to Pride can be the start of a new tradition!

13 Things You Didn't Know About Pride

There’s so much more to Pride than a parade.

Demi Lovato: The Parade May Be Postponed, But 'Pride Is Everywhere'

The queer singer has joined forces with the Trevor Project for the #PrideEverywhere campaign for LGBTQ+ youth.

12 Ways to Make Pride More Trans-Inclusive

Here are ways to make sure everyone in the LGBTQ+ community feels welcomed at Pride.

10 Ways to Enjoy Pride When You Have Crowd Anxiety

Pride comes with massive crowds, but it doesn’t have to come with massive amounts of anxiety. 

10 Things You Didn't Know About Pride

There’s so much more to Pride than a parade.

Google VR Brings the Power of Pride Parades Into the Classroom

Alba Reyes travels to schools throughout Bogota, Colombia, teaching LGBTQ acceptance and inclusion thanks to Google's innovative VR technology.

A Startling One Third of LGBTQ Women Don't Feel Welcomed at Pride Events

We need Pride now more than ever. How do we make sure everyone feels welcomed?

NYPD's New Rainbow SUV Is The Gayest Police Vehicle Ever

Rainbow stickers, hearts, "Pride," "Equality," "Peace" and "Our Heart Goes Out To Orlando" adorns the new police SUV.

5 Reasons to Venture Off at Pride Alone

It's good to spend time with your old friends, but there's nothing wrong with making some new friends too. 

I Can't Be Brave About Mass Shootings

I told myself I would fight if I were ever a target of a mass shooting, but in that moment the fight is over and we’ve already lost.

16 Beautiful Photos From Pride in the Pines

Shane Chambers, a 21-year-old photographer from Arizona, captured the beauty of Flagstaff Pride (aka Pride in the Pines).

12 Photos That Make Us Miss LA Pride

LA Pride weekend just passed and we're already missing the parade, party and people.