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Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey To Star As Lovers In Sexy New Mini Series

Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey To Star As Lovers In Sexy New Mini Series

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer in 'Fellow Travelers'
Courtesy of Showtime

Check out the teaser trailer for the steamy new political thriller starring two of our favorite gay leading men!

Today the first teaser trailer dropped for the new Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey limited series Fellow Travelers about two men who meet in McCarthy-era Washington D.C. and begin an epic — and steamy! — love story.

Bomer (Doom Patrol, Magic Mike) plays charismatic Hawkins Fuller, who works behind the scenes in politics and tries to avoid emotional entanglements. That all changes when he meets Bailey’s character Tim Laughlin, who is a religious and idealistic young man. The lovers sexual relationship begins against the backdrop of Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn’s war on “subversives and sexual deviants,” which led to a dark period for the queer community in America.

Fellow Travelers is both a love story and a political thriller that will focus on the relationship between Bomer and Bailey (both of whom are gay in real life) as it moves back and forth in time through the Lavender Scare of the ‘50s, Vietnam War protests in the ‘60s, the drug-fueled ‘70s disco era, and finally the AIDS crisis of the ‘80s.

"They aren't flashbacks, really. We're putting the different time frames against each other," executive producer Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia, Homeland) said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It's about the choices that we make having ramifications that we don't see. It's very bad and we might not see them for 30 years, and they alter our lives in different ways. So you live with the choices that you make. Even though you try to avoid them, they usually show up somewhere."

Even though the teaser trailer only gives you quick flashes of scenes from the show, the sexual chemistry between the two leads is still radiating off of the screen. If Bailey can successfully pull off chemistry while playing a straight character on Bridgerton, we can only imagine how sexy it will be when he and Bomer are on screen together.

Bailey told Vanity Fair in an interview that he's been waiting for a chance at a role like this. “My answer was always, ‘Well, I’d love to do a sweeping gay love story,’ but my experience actually was that I’d never really seen them,” he said. “Or if I had, I hadn’t seen actors like me and Matt play those roles.”

“Every single sex scene is a meticulous examination of power,” Bailey added in the interview. “To me, being queer also is about, as two men, how you negotiate your giving of your body to the other person. That is something that I’ve always yearned to see properly done because I know how extraordinary it is to experience it.”

The show is based on a romance political thriller by Thomas Mallon and will also follow three other main characters: Marcus (Jelani Alladin), Lucy (Allison Williams), and Frankie (Noah J. Ricketts).

We’ve been excited for this show ever since we saw the paparazzi photos of Bomer and Bailey romping together on the beach, shirtless while shooting scenes for the show. Now that we’ve seen the teaser we really can’t wait!

Fellow Travelers will premiere on Paramount+ with Showtime this fall.

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