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Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey Kissing on the Beach Is a Gay Emergency

Matt Bomer & Jonathan Bailey Kissing on the Beach Is a Gay Emergency

The actors are filming a new Showtime series called Fellow Travelers.


We’re suddenly out of breath!

Jonathan Bailey (Bridgerton) and Matt Bomer (Magic Mike) are currently filming the upcoming Showtime miniseries Fellow Travelers, which is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Mallon. In the series, the characters of Tim Laughlin (Bailey) and Hawkins Fuller (Bomer) will be lovers living through the height of McCarthyism in the 1950s up until the rise of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

Recently, the two actors were spotted filming a few scenes from Fellow Travelers that take place on the beach – and the surfaced photos sent the internet into a frenzy. In the images (included below), Bailey and Bomer are seen hugging, kissing, and having a great time together as they bring to life the love story between Tim and Hawkins.

Needless to say, Gay Twitter got very thirsty after seeing these paparazzi shots of the two actors getting intimate with one another.

Even though Bailey and Bomer are both out gay men, it should be noted that these are behind-the-scenes photos of the two actors playing their respective characters on Fellow Travelers.

The internet is already shipping Bailey and Bomer together (because that’s what the internet does!), but there aren’t any rumors or reports that the actors are romantically attached in any way as of this writing.

Nonetheless, one can be certain that these very thirst-inducing photos will certainly prompt gay fans to tune into Fellow Travelers once it comes out on Showtime.

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