The Rom-Com Trailer for Venom Is Great (and Actually Pretty Gay)

Raffy Ermac

Ever since the release of Sony Pictures' Venom earlier this year, fans have been rabidly shipping Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and the titular alien symbiote like crazy. Surprisingly sexy/romantic/cute AF fan art of the couple started popping up following the movie's theatrical debut, and now, so many people (ourselves included) are desperate for any #Symbrock content we can feast our eyes upon.

Now, thanks to a newly released trailer for the film's December Blu-ray and DVD release, we're getting a little taste of what Venom would be like if it was a romantic comedy that further explored Eddie's loving relationship with his newfound life partner!

The trailer is queer as hell and exactly the kind of thing we want to see in the year of our lord 20-gayteen. 

Watch the rom-com inspired trailer for Venom in the video below! 

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