The Do's and Don’ts of Halloween (AKA Gay Christmas)

Zachary Zane

Gay people just love Halloween now, don’t we? The costumes. The makeup. What's not to love?! The holiday should be a fun and safe time for ALL of us, and since it's just around the corner, here are some of the big do's and don’ts of Halloween (which might as well also be known as Gay Christmas).

1. Don’t slut shame

I know, Mario and Luigi definitely wore pants in the video games and not ridiculously tight Speedos, but it’s Halloween. While I think you should be allowed to dress slutty all the time, I know I’m not in the majority. But one day a year, it’s acceptable to go out in literally anything (or nothing!). Don’t take that away from the guys who want it.

2. Do spend time on your costume

Last minute costumes are lame, and that's all there is to say. Plan in advance, and make sure your costume is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

3. Don’t get blackout drunk

For many of us, Halloween means a lot of drinking (and a lot of drugs). Be smart. Be safe. Like every alcohol ad has said since the dawn of mankind, drink responsibility. There’s nothing worse than holding back the stringy hair of your friend who’s dressed in Donald Trump drag.

4. Do a group costume

Of course this isn’t a must, but if you can swing it, do a group costume. They’re just so much better than solo costumes. I once went as the “Fanta Boys” with my three best friends in college. One year, my best friend and I went as slutty, Brokeback Mountain cowboys!

5. Don’t culturally appropriate

Sexy Native American with a headdress? Stop it. Sexualizing a minority group? Nope. Blackface? That’s plain offensive.

6. Do make out with someone

It’s Halloween! Go eat someone’s face. Why the hell not? Have some fun.

7. Don’t hook up with a masked guy

I mean, of course you can, but he may not be cute. Sorry, not sorry. You should probably know how the guy looks before hooking up with him, unless anonymity is a kink of yours. If that’s the case, then add this to the do list.

8. Do have a blast

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. It's all about having fun and dressing up. Don't take it too seriously. The most important thing of all is to enjoy it!

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