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As our scientific capabilities have expanded, we have had to come to terms with the fact that our binary concept of gender—male and female—is incorrect. Whether you measure it using genital morphology, hormones, or chromosomes, there is simply too much variety to try to force all human sex into one of two boxes. Intersex is the general term for any gender that’s neither male nor female. Today, intersex people are advocating for heightened understanding and fair treatment in medical and political fields. Pride has the latest on the intersex revolution.

‘The Power’s Naomi Alderman On Its Radical, Inclusive Gender Politics

PRIDE caught up with the author and the show’s co-executive producer Tim Bricknell to talk about why adding a trans character was essential in adapting the show, and why they aren’t afraid to ask the big questions about power and gender.

Small Bones Found in All-Male Grave Prompt Reminder Trans People Exist

"Ancient [Greeks] say trans rights."

Cartoon Network Confirmed This 'Steven Universe' Character Is Intersex

The beloved animated series keeps getting more and more LGBTQIA+ inclusive!

37 Olympic Events with LGBT Athletes to Watch This Week

Want to cheer on LGBT athletes? Check out these Olympic events.

15 Out Olympic Athletes You Should Follow on Twitter

How are you following the 2016 Olympics?

15 Fantastic LGBTQ Young Adult Novels You’re Never Too Old to Read

These young adult novels are powerful reads, whether you’re sixteen or thirty-six.

The Tale of the Intersex French Bulldog

Bijou is an intersex 18-month-old French bulldog with both a huge clitoris and penile bone, and her condition is making her something of a medical marvel in Canada. Bijou has two X chromosomes and is genetically female, even though she has deteriorated testicles and the penile bone.