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What makes gay news different from regular news? Imagine Walter Cronkite, but in a rhinestone-encrusted spandex singlet. With a cape. No, but in all honesty, gay news runs the gamut: from stories about anti-LGBT hate crimes to developments in the legal fight for LGBT equality; gay news is happening all around us. has all the latest on everything you could want for gay news on the national, state, and local scale. So log in and see everything that gay and lesbian news has to offer!  

Diana Taurasi has some thoughts about how male journalists treat WNBA rookies and we're LIVING

“All of a sudden there’s a lot of eyeballs and everyone has a lot of opinions,” she said.

Katy Perry is ready to gag the gays with her highly anticipated comeback

The pop icon wants to give her fans everything they want with her upcoming era.

Linda Perry reveals a breast reduction surgery ended up saving her life

The rocker underwent a double mastectomy after doctors found an aggressive form of cancer in her breast.

Bailey Anne Kennedy makes history as the first trans Miss Maryland USA

"I knew that it was going to mean a lot for all the LGBTQ kids out there who might feel like they don’t belong in a box — like me growing up," she says.

Everything you need to know about the new fungal infection impacting the LGBTQ+ community

A new case of sexually transmissible tinea has been reported in New York that can take months to clear up.

Hilary Clinton MOCKS Trump with funny new 'She was right' merch line

We're loving Clinton's pettiness!

25 SAVAGE reactions to Trump's guilty verdict that have us CACKLING

Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts and the internet is rejoicing!

Conservative misinformation DEBUNKED: Democrats did not call for a rainbow redesign of the American flag

According to conservative pages, Democrats are adding a rainbow to the American flag, and "gullible" is written on the ceiling above you. Go ahead, look up.

20 HILARIOUS memes about the pope's gay slur slip that prove Gay Twitter can reclaim ANYTHING

Trust the internet to turn lemons into lemonade by creating the funniest memes you've ever seen!

The internet is ROASTING Eric Trump for his viral racist slip up and we're CHEERING

Eric Trump just said his dad will win his trial because 'We're white" and somehow we're not surprised.

New project for trans youth by Wade family

Translatable is an online community that will focus on communities of color and offer a safe space and accurate information.

25 FUNNIEST reactions to Rudy Giuliani's son accidentally writing Trump fan fiction

What did Andrew H. Giuliani just say about Trump's lips?!

Amber Rose betrays her queer fans, women, and herself by endorsing Donald J. Trump

Rose posted a photo of herself, Trump, and former First Lady Melania Trump at a fundraising event with the caption "Trump 2024."

Did ChatGPT steal Scarlett Johansson's voice?

Creatives' concerns over AI are becoming more tangible.

From Meta to X, the top social media companies are failing LGBTQ+ users: GLAAD

Most of the top social media companies got an 'F' grade on GLAAD’s 2024 Social Media Safety Index. Of the major platforms, TikTok was the only one to pass with a dismal D+ grade.

Pope Francis clarifies same-sex blessings, takes swing at closed-minded conservatives

He called being conservative a "suicidal attitude" in a rare interview.

Kehinde Wiley accused of sexual assualt

Joseph Awuah-Darko, artist-curator and founder of the Nolder Artist Residency in Ghana, has accused Kehinde Wiley of sexually assaulting him twice in June 2021.