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The Cast of Acapulco Teases Queer Storylines in Season Two

The Cast of Acapulco Teases Queer Storylines in Season Two

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The critically-acclaimed bilingual series has a rainbow connection.


We're heading back to Mexico!

The hit show Acapulco, which includes leading man and executive producer Eugenio Derbez, expands on each character's journey in the second season of the feel-good bilingual series.

Season two picks up the day after the season one finale, with the show continuing to follow Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon) as he continues his role as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco.

"I can't believe we're doing this and we're sharing season two with you," Arrizon tells PRIDE. "[Fernando and I] are really killing it in the pool area. A lot of tips are coming to us!"

Based in Mexico, the show brings another level of authenticity to Latinx representation. Series co-star Fernando Carsa, who's openly gay, enjoys bringing his LGBTQ+ pride to the role of Memo.

"Even though Memo is a straight character, he's a person that carries a lot of pride. He is a guy who is very connected to his feminine side. He grew up with five sisters. I feel like I'm able to bring that element to the character, which in the Latino community, is very important. Us men are taught not to show our emotions. It's a character that leads with pride and self-love. Also, being a plus-sized person, Memo helps me embrace all of that. I've definitely become more comfortable with my sexuality and my identity as Fernando because I play Memo," Carsa tells PRIDE.

Beyond Carsa's representation, Acapulco's second season dives into Sara's coming out story, played by Regina Reynoso. As the show takes place in the 1980s, series co-star Camila Perez opened up on the importance of an LGBTQ+ storyline in a Latin series.

"I think it's so wonderful that our cast-mate Fernando can post something fearless and not care about what anybody's going to say or somebody coming after him. I think it's so beautiful. I have a very special moment with Sara in season two. It's such an important moment for people that came out in the '80s and to see where we are today. I'm just excited for people to see that and to feel seen. In Latin culture, we don't really get to see those characters in a positive light. I'm very excited for people to feel seen," Perez says.

Plus, Chord Overstreet rounds out the diverse cast of Acapulco.

The hit show can tie fans down until mid-November, as Overstreet couldn't help but tease his upcoming Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, alongside Lindsay Lohan.

"The whole experience was incredible. I had a great time. I mean, it's so fun," Overstreet says. "I love love! What's not to love?"

Season two of Acapulco is streaming now on Apple TV+. To see the full interview with the cast, check out the video below.

Here's What to Expect from Queer Storylines in 'Acapulco' Season

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