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9 Reasons We'll Never Quit Abby Wambach

9 Reasons We'll Never Quit Abby Wombach

9 Reasons We'll Never Quit Abby Wombach

I have long dreaded the day that Abby Wambach’s retirement would become headline news. As a lifetime soccer fan, I have had the opportunity to watch Abby’s career. Needless to say, I am still trying to swallow the news. 

abby wambach

I may understand why Abby is retiring, but my head still hangs when I think about the women’s soccer world now being void of Abby Wambach. As depressing as it may be, I know that no matter what Abby chooses to do after soccer, I will never quit her.

1. Abby Wambach is one of the best captains the US Women’s National Team ever had.

abby wambach

Abby helped the USWNT win 2 Olympic Gold Medals and the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

2. Abby Wambach has scored more goals than any man or woman in international soccer.

abby wambach

If you're just finding that out now, we totally understand that if your jaw dropped.  She’s scored a total of 184 goals, making her the best professional soccer player EVER.

3. Abby Wambach is known for being incredibly passionate and talkative.

abby wambach

All of the people in her life cite her as being talkative.

4. Abby Wambach is an all-or-nothing sort of athlete.

abby wambach

In case you forgot, Abby scored a header (by a cross from Megan Rapinoe <3) in the 122nd minute in 2011 against Brazil in the WWC, which equalized the game in that ended by the US winning with penalty kicks. She's that all-or-nothing.

5. Abby Wambach has a body that should what we all strive for.

abby wambach

She is healthy, strong, and proud of her body—a role model all young girls striving for thigh gaps and concave stomachs need.

6. Abby Wambach has a pug.



Which might only interest me, being that my girlfriend and I both have pugs, but pug people are the best because they respect and love their dogs for being themselves! Snorting, stinky breath, and chubby balls of love. Basically, if she has a pug that means she's a teddy bear.

7. Abby Wambach has always been out.

abby wambach

Abby never saw a reason to publicly come out due since she’s always been out with her teammates and the important people in her life.

8. Abby Wambach won a Women’s World Cup before retiring.

abby wambach

Although Abby had 2 Gold Medals to her name, what mattered most was getting the WWC title, and that dream became a reality this year.

9. Abby Wambach is humble.

abby wambach

If you read anything about her or any interview she’s done, what’s so apparent is that she’s constantly looking inward, trying to figure out her place on earth. Introspection and awareness isn’t something every person has—especially famous people.

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