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6 Fun Places for New LGBT Safe Spaces

6 Fun Places for New LGBT Safe Spaces

6 Fun Places for New LGBT Safe Spaces

We all remember what it was like before we came out. Before we found a space in our lives where we felt comfortable being ourselves. Before we had queer friends who made us feel at home. Before we had a place we could go to when we needed to feel extra accepted and appreciated.

For most of us, when we think about queer places, we think about gay bars, or clubs and partying. Hell, we're all adults here. If we want to go out and find a safe space where we can be sure to be surrounded by our fellow LGBT individuals, we can do that.

What I worry about are all of the underage LGBT folks. The ones who can't go to bars or clubs without getting a fake ID or waiting for 18+ nights. Where are they going to go for that same experience?

What about people who don't like clubs? The people who hate the loud music and the drinking and lack of personal space. What options do they have?

We all need to have this kind of safe space, and we need to figure out a way for individuals to get that experience without putting themselves in an inopportune situation.

Now, I'm no expert, but I think we can brainstorm a few ideas. Here are some to get us started:

1. Dog Parks

This is a GIF of a dog on a swing.

Have you met LGBT folks? We love dogs. We live for dogs. Dogs are the greatest.

Build an LGBT dog park and it'll become the most popular square mile of field you've ever seen.

2. Reading Lounge

This one's for the quiet folks.

How great would it be to have a bookstore/lounge/workspace for LGBTs? It would be a place for relaxation, contemplation and complete inclusivity.

Come on down for some deep conversation with cute intellectual types in reading glasses and sophisticated scarves.

3. Movie Theaters

This is a GIF of people at a movie theater.

We could show mainstream popular flicks, while also holding screenings of LGBT and queer films. It could be a place for LGBT speakers to come and hold discussions and TED-type talks. 

People could come and go as they please, casually seeing a film or two while they scarf popcorn. Or they could come once and find an LGBT home away from home.

4. Diners

This is a GIF of a girl dancing in a diner.

How amazing would it be to take a classic American diner and switch it from having the obvious 50's drive-in theme to having an LGBT focus? It could be totally over the top with all of the different pride flags decorating the walls, servers in rainbow roller skates, and LGBT-themed food.

What better place to go grab some grub with your friends and (maybe) find a sweetheart to go steady with?

5. Outdoor Recreation

This is a GIF of miniature golf.

Let's face it; I just love the idea of LGBT putt-putt golf, LGBT ice-skating rinks, and LGBT water parks.

I can't get enough of that stuff. I want all of the lame, outdoor first-date activities.

6. Cafes

This is a GIF of a girl in a cafe.

Now this one seems pretty obvious, and I'm sure there are dozens of small queer cafes around the country that I simply have not heard of. If that is the case, feel free to tweet me about them because I'd love to go for a visit.

The gist of it is: A small, hip cafe that offers a little bit of everything else on the list so far. It's a meeting place, a place to hang out and have some real talk, a place to meet new people and get your flirt on. It's a place to get some work done while you stare intently at your laptop. It's a place to grab coffee on the way to work.

Most importantly, it's a place anyone of any age or personality type can go to feel welcome and accepted. It's exactly what we need.

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