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The Antigay Pastor Who Praised the Orlando Massacre Is Finally Getting the Karma He Deserves

The Antigay Pastor Who Praised the Orlando Massacre Is Finally Getting the Karma He Deserves

The Antigay Pastor Who Praised the Orlando Massacre Is Finally Getting the Karma He Deserves

The homophobic pastor from Northern California is facing a lawsuit and an eviction.


It's hard to imagine any actual human being who could celebrate a massacre, but there are, sadly, plenty of people who relish in the unjust murder of people, given that they're part of certain identity groups. Being or doing something someone doesn't agree with is really all it takes in this world for people to wish you were dead. Just let that sink in for a moment.

One such man (if he even deserves a human label at all) is a California-based, antigay pastor who I won't name but will link to in articles, like this one and this one. (I'm choosing not to name him because I don't want to make him a martyr to his backwards thinking followers — if they think at all — who would likely look at his criticism as an attack by "liberal, crooked, PC America." I'd rather not add any fuel to the fire but still think this story is worth telling because it delivers at least a smidgen of the karma owed to this despicable man.)

You may be wondering what he's done that makes him so bad. After all, there are pastors who spew are antigay hate all the time. While that's true, this one takes the cake.

Speaking on Orlando's tragic Pulse massacre back in June, he said, "Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today? Um no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society. I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight." He ends, most shockingly, with this: "I wish the government would round them all up, put them up against a firing wall, put a firing squad in front of them, and blow their brains out."

These are actual quotes from a supposed human being who claims to speak for a god of some sort. There is little that can undo the unfiltered toxin, disrespect, and lowness of his words, but since his sentiments have hit the web, he's been met with beautiful resistance.

First, Spenser Fritz, an activist who had been protesting outside the church since June 19, is seeking to hold the pastor legally responsible for the inexcusable actions of his (brainless followers/cultists) parishioners. During Fritz's peaceful protest, he sought to engage the (Fox News loving) parishioners about the hate they're teaching. A parishioner named Johnny Cervantes III was, however, not having it and became verbally and physically aggressive with Fritz. 

"According to the Sacramento Bee, Fritz says he engaged with Cervantes’ family, encouraging the young man accompanying Cervantes and his wife to educate himself. “Why are you teaching your children violence?” the suit said he asked. It states that Fritz then said to a “young parishioner” that “Sometimes when we’re older we learn our parents are wrong. I don’t deserve to die. If they allow you internet access you should do your own research.”

Fritz claims that the woman told him to stop talking to the young man, after which Cervantes allegedly became aggressive, telling Fritz, “Don’t (expletive) talk to my wife.” The protestor goes on to say that Cervantes responded by lunging toward him and pushing him. He additionally alleges a group of other parishioners surrounded him and only let him pass after he threatened to call the police."

There are have been no updates since this story, but this pastor and his hateful crew received one additional, and well-deserved, piece of karmic comeuppance. Although they can't be legally evicted from their location, the landlord has publicly stated that they will not be renewing the lease with them in 2017. The landlord and property management company, Harsch Investment Properties, met with the pastor suggesting that he leave.

The company then issued a press release on the controversy:

"Just as we respect the right of individuals to speak their views, as distasteful as they may be, we also respect the right of others to protest as a reflection of their values,” the release states. “For decades, the owners and staff at Harsch Investment Properties have supported the LGBT community and many other organizations whose missions are to further respect, dignity and the ability for all individuals to live their lives as they wish."

This isn't even close to what this pastor and his ill-informed, ignorant, hateful group deserve as a lesson for breeding hate and violence under the name of a god, but it's the best we can do for now. We can only hope that one day this pastor will understand what he's done wrong, and if not, that he loses every ounce of influence and power that he has today. For now, though, let's celebrate people taking stands against hate, and revel in the pettiness of the inconvenience that this pastor and his funky bunch now face. I pray that their new location--if they even find one--is unfortunate and out of the way.

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