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Kickstarter Projects We Can Get Behind

Kickstarter Projects We Can Get Behind

With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, now more than ever, creative types are witnessing their work come to fruition with the help of people who can put their hard-earned pennies behind the type of content they’d like to see.


With sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, now more than ever, creative types are witnessing their work come to fruition with the help of people who can put their hard-earned pennies behind the type of content they’d like to see.

As a site that continually seeks to feature upcoming artists of every ilk we are ‘kickstarting’ a new series on Projects We Can Get Behind.

Here are some terrific projects we’d like to see make it.

Too Much Information: A Photography Book – Cait and Yael

Goal: $3,500, 10 Days to go. 

Cait and Yael, who are a couple, are leaving in July to embark on a two-month long backpacking trip across Europe (as well as Turkey and Morocco) with the intention of making a book.  They’re  compiling a book of the photographs and text from their trip, and one of the biggest aspects of the journey will be couchsurfing with girls in the queer communities abroad and actively documenting and participating in those scenes.  Cait and Yael are both recent graduates from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and both studied photography.

"With your help, we could cover expenses like the cost of film, film processing, and the first run of the book.  We promise that any extra funding we get will not be spent on beer, but will be used to make this book better," Cait and Yael write on their Kickstarter page. 

BlackOUT Magazine - Sajdah Golde

Goal: $8,000, 12 days to go. 

A magazine for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer identifying individuals of African descent.

BlackOUT magazine was founded by Sajdah Golde after her experience as a cast member of Showtime’s The Real L Word, a reality television series that focuses on lesbian women living and loving in Los Angeles. After receiving both praise and criticism for her role in representing the African-American LGBTQ community, she was committed to creating a new venue for black same-gender loving individuals to get the attention they deserve. BlackOUT magazine will cover topics from fashion and lifestyle to addressing current issues in the African-American LGBTQ communities.

BlackOUT magazine will feature a host of African-American LGBTQ individuals and Allies who are encouraging the respect and support of the LGBTQ community, within the black community! 

Visit BlackOut Magazine's Kickstarter page.

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Baby Lu - A film and video project by Emily Ray Reese

Goal: 50,000, 22 hours to go. 

With bullying, gay rights, and gun control at the forefront of American politics, Baby Lu is a beautiful, timely story set in rural Taos, New Mexico, exploring these issues through the lives of a father and daughter. When mountain man Zeus begins a relationship with the alluring newcomer Sally, he must suddenly deal with the unexpected sexual awakening of his 13-year-old daughter Lucinda, who also falls for Sally, clashing with the traditions of their tiny rural town. 

It is a rare opportunity that a story is told from such a unique perspective and in one of the most incredible parts of the country. Baby Lu is a film that bravely tackles current socio-political issues with both heart and subtlety.

Emily Ray Reese

Visit Emily's Kickstarter page.

Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick: Book 2 - The Big Sister - Christa Faust

Goal: $4,000, 15 Days to go. 

Writer Christa Faust's post on her Kickstarter page:

With your help, I’ll be able to make my long time dream a reality. The Butch Fatale series sat in a drawer for years until this kind of DIY indy publishing became a realistic option. Now I can write about whatever I think is hot and not have to worry about appealing to the common denominator. I can create a sympathetic and sexy queer hero in a genre where most LGBT characters are either villains or stereotypes.

I want to turn lesbian readers on to hardboiled pulp and I want to get hardboiled pulp enthusiasts to identify with a lesbian protagonist. I want to mix it up and make people think, entertaining the hell out of them along the way.

I published the first Butch Fatale novel as an e-book, just to gauge interest and see if it could find an audience despite the naysayers who told me it was a waste of time. I did it all on my own, paid for out of my own pocket, and was pleasantly surprised by all the glowing reviews and positive feedback. Now that I see I’m not the only one who thinks these are stories worth telling, I’d love to continue the series.

That’s where you come in.

Your donation will not only help me write the next book in the Butch Fatale series, it also allows me to publish a special Ace Double style print edition of both books for those without e-readers or who just prefer old-school paper.

So thank you all for your generous support, for believing in this project and for giving the collective finger to those who said nobody wants to read about a butch private eye. 

Click here to read a NSFW excerpt from the first Butch Fatale book Double D Double Cross.

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