Male Desire Is Gross So Here Are 8 Things We Can Do Without

Male Desire Is Gross So Here Are 8 Things We Can Do Without

Is it just me, or are you also completely bored with (or irate with) society's complete acceptance that desirability is dictated by men? I mean as a woman who is attracted to some dudes, I think playful flirting is totally fine. Does a guy find me attractive? "Cool, bro," I say. "I'm married, but thanks!"

But it's when the line gets crossed from "Hey I think you're hot" to "Hey, I'm only attracted to body parts -- I don't care if they're your body parts or someone else's -- so I'm going to stare at your boobs, so I can pretend I'm jizzing on them later tonight while I'm in the den and my wife is asleep."

Even ads with scantily clad women don't bother me so much, as long as there's a point to the half-nakedness. Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. commercial? Yes, please. Any American Apparel ad? NO, please, go away.

The problem is that male desire dictates a lot -- advertisements, movies (explain why Megan Fox is in any movie), television, women's fashion, music, and behavior -- and even then, it's a narrow view of male desire. And if we as women don't like it, then we're debased as humorless, sexless, feminazis. The trappings of male desire don't stop with straight dudes, either. Gay-targeted male media is packed with the same four ripped guys with perfect hair, perfect smiles, perfect skin, and 0% body fat.

If I had a magic wand, and could rid our society of the worst things that come with our over-acceptance of male desire, here is I what would banish immediately:


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