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Don't Forget: The First Pride Was a Riot

"Pride is a protest. It began as one in 1969. And while we've come a long way, it still is a protest today because not all members of our community are treated equally," writes PRIDE's Taylor Henderson.

5 Ways to Talk to Someone You Love When They Say Something Stupid on Facebook

Get through this election without ruining your relationships or losing your mind.

Virginia Woolf’s L Word Chart Reveals Good Old-Fashioned Literary Dyke Drama

Love letters, love triangles, scathing rejection, and literary feuds. Virginia Woolf’s L Word chart has all the drama of a Showtime series.

Get to Know Michael J. Willett, Star of MTV's 'Faking It'

The Faking It star hopes to make his mark in the world of acting and music. 

Ryan O'Connell Wants the First Gay Character With Cerebral Palsy on TV

The author talks to PRIDE about on-screen representation for disabled queer folks and his new book I'm Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.