WATCH: Congrats, You're Having A Lesbian!

WATCH: Congrats, You're Having A Lesbian!
Imagine it -- you and your partner getting the sonogram to find out the sex of your baby, a moment you've been waiting for together for weeks, months, or maybe even years. The technician slops the sonogram goop all over your belly, and the magic machine determines what's going on in that uterus of yours. 
"You're having a lesbian!"
Fortunately, in a new ad campaign in Australia, the couple is ecstatic. But the point of the ads are to remind people that "Any child can be born gay, so marriage equality is every family's issue." 
A giant billboard in Queensland shows a happy pregnant mother, with the words, "Congratulations, you're having a lesbian," according to the Daily Telegraph.  
Watch the ad spot below: 
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